Waileng and Maurice Perth Pre Wedding

Waileng and Maurice Perth Pre Wedding

Waileng and Maurice Perth Pre Wedding

Thank you Waileng and Maurice for having Ben and I for your Perth Pre Wedding!

Thankful that they were a cute couple really easy to be with, fun and funny too!


First time ever on business class. On Scoot though heh. Ben wanted to do work so we both bidded for business and got it.

Scoot business class food. This chocolate was soooo goood. I finished it all at one go unexpectedly. Too good!


Received this $200 sephora birthday gift card from Ben and his gf Sheena woohoo! Love this gift! Thank you both!


Settled down that night in a beautiful air bnb place housed by a sweet old couple, Loved the atmosphere and the whole feels there.

My room for the night!


1st hairstyle to kickstart the prewedding shoot was a braided updo


And the photoshoot starts!

20180820_083644 20180820_085045 20180820_092007

Trying this honey comb crunch magnum for the first time this is so good too!


The sand at the sand dunes was really soft.

Really beautiful place.

20180820_120124 20180820_122849

Wefie time!


Lunch was at Lobster Shack, The wait was really long. Thankfully the food was really good!

20180820_134947 20180820_145900 20180820_150121

Back to work!

20180820_163642 20180820_163734

Heaven shining down on earth


Sunset shots

20180820_174305 20180820_174318

20180820_174402 20180820_174441

It’s amazing how beautiful God’s creations are.


Thanks Ben for cooking us breakfast!

Bacon and eggs provided by the air bnb owners!


Morning greeted by ALPACASSSSS!!!

20180821_074619 20180821_074745 20180821_075122 20180821_075235

Why are they so cute??

Feeding time!

20180821_083109 20180821_083142 20180821_083144

Taken through Ben’s pro lens


So sweet!



Lunch shoot.


Lunch time!

20180821_115449 20180821_114303

Visited a beautiful little quaint church

20180821_14145720180821_141402 20180821_141430


Came by a lemon tree!


Waileng requested for this boho hairstyle inspired from @dirtybootsmessyhair


I tried heh


There is something quite charming about this blue boat shed

20180821_172120 20180821_171551

Amazing shot taken by Benjamin before edit!


Fairylights night shoot

the background lights reminds me of Hong Kong somehow

20180821_204104 20180821_204154

It was Waileng’s birthday and Maurice got the air bnb owner to buy a cake for her surprise! So Sweet!

IMG-20180822-WA0004 IMG-20180822-WA0010

Stayed with these cuties in the house! 2 Professionally taken photos by Ben!

IMG-20180822-WA0023 IMG-20180822-WA0021

20180822_00044620180822_110331 20180822_103117

Fishtails side do for Waileng

20180822_093731 20180822_093718 20180822_093655

Waileng’s bouquet of the day! So exotic and nice!


The feeling was so surreal watching the big waves splashing high and hard here!

20180822_161128 20180822_161129 20180822_161535

Solo shots of Maurice taken by Ben

Here we realized Maurice looks kindof like James Lye..! Hahaha

IMG-20180822-WA0045 IMG-20180822-WA0046

Beautiful Waileng


We saw rainbows! Always happy and amazed to see them!

20180822_172050 20180822_172319

Came over to this Jetty for sunset and night shoot.

20180822_173015 20180822_173949 20180822_174146

Came into a shop with these interesting stuffs and much more!

20180822_193901 20180822_194336

Like the words on the pillow in my room that night


Final location for this trip


Ending this post with this sweet message from Waileng


Thank you so much once again Waileng and Maurice for having us on this trip! 🙂