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HALLELUJAH! Is the first word that can explain my feelings for this trip. Everything was great! Thankful to have Melvin, founder of Multifolds as my work partner on this trip for the lovely couple Adeline and Zhizhan! Boarding passes. My first time to UK woohoo! First time using pounds. We were very welcomed there by a hailstorm which did hurt a little lol! Our wefie amidst the hailstorm! Thankfully it only happened on this day. Hail on my bag! First stop, Chinatown. First meal wefie with dimsums. First day was chillax day. Checking Manchester out abit, eating and shopping abit and then heading over to England! Next morning, some behind the scenes taken by Zhizhan! First hairstyle for Adeline was mermaid braids! Taken at ambleside pier. Make up details today using the new urban decay naked reloaded palette. Loving the colours in this palette very much! This lake is really beautiful A wefie here! Some behind the scenes captured by Melvin haha! After here we went back to have the couple change to their casuals and then it was time for lunch! The egg cup is so cute! Lunch wefie! I remember feeling very blessed at this moment watching this moment. The couple is on the bridge by the way. Can you see? We were introduced to this famous gingerbread. I think the thing that makes England very England is all these bricks. Supposed to have a photoshoot at their proposal place, however due to the high tide we were not able to. Had a good thai food dinner that night. The white tomyum is so yummy! Never seen or tried before. More food coming up but didn't take photos. Next morning, asked for a wefie with Melvin with the nice natural lights! Feeling very thankful to have him as my work partner on this trip so must have a photo for memory heh. More to come hopefully! My big breakfast cooked by the very warm Air BnB couple. Breakfast wefie! We went back to their school where they met! My first time visiting an overseas University. So awesome. Wefie! This was taken while they were waiting to do their jump shots haha Adeline studied law here and is a lawyer now! Here is where Adeline stayed for a year. There were cherry blossoms sakura in their school compound too! Amazing! This is the bus stop Adeline used to wait for Zhizhan at. We then had tea and cakes at Adeline's favourite school hangout place Curiousitea! She ordered a special hot chocolate for me oh my goodness this is so sinful but so good. Thank you so much Adeline

Truely thankful to be able to come back to this amazing place again. This time with the beautiful, funny and fun couple Charlotte and Chester and the awesome Photographer Benjamin King! 1st place we checked out upon reaching is The Church Of  The Good Shepherd. Day and night feels so different! Then we went back to rest while waiting for the milky way and Ben cooked us yummy dinner. Thankful that the Milky Way did come up and we enjoyed a night full of stars. The milky way was a long bow this time round like a rainbow. Couldn't stop looking up and at times you could even catch shooting stars! Wonderfully captured by Benjamin King Photography Next morning we started early. Here is a photo of Charlotte before make up. Have always believed in fate in meeting every client and I'm really honoured to be the 1st make up artist to do make up for Charlotte as they actually already have their local pre wedding and actual day make up artists booked but because this New Zealand pre wedding was decided very last minute, I became her first make up artist! Here is the after Beautiful Charlotte :) Ben randomly took a rock to hold onto the veil and it turned out to be a perfectly shaped heart stone! Things photographer do to get a good angle for photos Came back to see the alpacas!! There was this beautiful shop cat! Dinner was Erik's fish and chips and the new best onion rings is right here! Breakfast time! Created a pull through crown braid for the 1st time. When I saw this gown Charlotte had from whatsapp before the trip, planned this hairstyle for her for this gown and so glad she pulled it off so well because this hairstyle really doesn't just suit anybody. Some beautiful sun rise shots Love this photo taken by Ben Chester gave this photo nice tags #chunlibride #guazilian haha And then we walked over this spot and Ben got to capture this. Thanks to the rain yesterday! Super love this shot! And then it was time for brunch Came over this place for some casual shoots They are too sweet!! There was a surprise proposal coming up but it was still hours away. Ben was really lost with what to do with so much time in between and the situation was really funny just finding random places to shoot and thinking how to waste all the hours haha. Really Kudos to Ben for doing all

This post comes a little late but thought it would be good to have a post to sum up 2017 Thankful to end this 2017 with 2 brides as well, Tricia and Yingshi Will start with Tricia first, followed by Yingshi and then a closing for 2017 Tricia before make up Tricia after she is made up Did eyelid adjustments for her as well which can be seen better when the before and after is put side by side For night, gave her a textured half up half down hair do Bride Yingshi Bride Yingshi is 1 beautiful and funny bride. She had this very funny vibe. Almost everything she said made me laugh even though she didn't meant it to be funny! She had her ROM this day with James held in the afternoon Before make up After Also did eyelid adjustments for her Gave her the airy textured braided half do and im glad she likes it :) 360 degree video of Yingshi She reminds me of the hongkong actress "Xiao Jie Ba" Gigi Lai from Gu Huo Zai " Young and Dangerous" Looking forward to see her in November again for her Actual day! ************************************************************************************************************ And now, ending this post with my thanksgiving and thoughts for 2017 I don't know how this will go. Will just let my thoughts flow. Firstly really All Praise to Daddy God. As my job is freelance, and counted new as a full time freelance as a make up artist, I must say I don't really have much contacts and I'm also not quite the PR person. I just let go and let God take care of everything and He truly did not disappoint. The calls, jobs, opportunities, agents, vendors, clients were overall overwhelming. Thank you Xiuli, Dollei, Jo, Mich, Adeline, CP, Ben for giving me the chance and opportunities and many many more I sincerely thank you and appreciate you all. There were many times everything was so tight but I enjoyed every moment, especially when it came to doing brides. I really enjoy most doing bridal make up, it is when I feel like I'm doing what I really love and fully enjoy every session compared to when doing productions but productions have their fun in them too. Never expected I would even come close to so many artists be it actors, actresses, DJs, models, behind the scenes people and all. Seeing how every scene is done, being able to know the real side of artists where most are really fun

Thankful, Blessed and Honoured to be the MUA for Annabelle and her gugu who is also the sleeping partner of The Gown Warehouse for their Grand Opening in Dempsey! Will let the photos do the talking :) Did make up for the gorgeous boss Annbelle! :) Crystal blew her gorgeous hair! Also did hair + make up for this lady boss who is also Anabelle's gugu and The Gown Warehouse's sleeping partner. This family has the genes of really sweet faces and smiles! My teacher Christine was there too! To do make up on Eunice and the emcee! And my teacher too Crystal! Who was here to do their hair :) This is their changing room where we did their make up. These pastel comfy looking chairs are the chairs where clients get to sit on when they come into The Gown Warehouse. They look so pretty! The entrance of the shop. Everything is just so beautiful! Dessert table, drinks, burger sliders and canapes were served. Very nice! Joyful faces! Bosses with the MUAs! Made new friends! :) A photo with the Lady Bosses! Wishing The Gown Warehouse Prosperous Business with Great Customers and Partnerships Always! HUAT AH$$$$$$$$