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Thank you Waileng and Maurice for having Ben and I for your Perth Pre Wedding! Thankful that they were a cute couple really easy to be with, fun and funny too!   First time ever on business class. On Scoot though heh. Ben wanted to do work so we both bidded for business and got it. Scoot business class food. This chocolate was soooo goood. I finished it all at one go unexpectedly. Too good! Received this $200 sephora birthday gift card from Ben and his gf Sheena woohoo! Love this gift! Thank you both! Settled down that night in a beautiful air bnb place housed by a sweet old couple, Loved the atmosphere and the whole feels there. My room for the night! 1st hairstyle to kickstart the prewedding shoot was a braided updo And the photoshoot starts! Trying this honey comb crunch magnum for the first time this is so good too! The sand at the sand dunes was really soft. Really beautiful place. Wefie time! Lunch was at Lobster Shack, The wait was really long. Thankfully the food was really good!    Back to work! Heaven shining down on earth Sunset shots   It's amazing how beautiful God's creations are. Thanks Ben for cooking us breakfast! Bacon and eggs provided by the air bnb owners! Morning greeted by ALPACASSSSS!!! Why are they so cute?? Feeding time! Taken through Ben's pro lens So sweet! Hi. Lunch shoot. Lunch time!   Visited a beautiful little quaint church Came by a lemon tree! Waileng requested for this boho hairstyle inspired from @dirtybootsmessyhair I tried heh There is something quite charming about this blue boat shed Amazing shot taken by Benjamin before edit! Fairylights night shoot the background lights reminds me of Hong Kong somehow It was Waileng's birthday and Maurice got the air bnb owner to buy a cake for her surprise! So Sweet! Stayed with these cuties in the house! 2 Professionally taken photos by Ben! Fishtails side do for Waileng Waileng's bouquet of the day! So exotic and nice! The feeling was so surreal watching the big waves splashing high and hard here! Solo shots of Maurice taken by Ben Here we realized Maurice looks kindof like James Lye..! Hahaha Beautiful Waileng We saw rainbows! Always happy and amazed to see them! Came over to this Jetty for sunset and night shoot. Came into a shop with these interesting stuffs and much more! Like the words on the pillow in my room that night Final location for this trip Ending this post with this sweet message from Waileng Thank

Glad to be Josephine and Ivan's make up artist for their Big Day! Met Josephine during our teenage years as ZA promoters in Watsons haha and we also travelled together few years back During that trip was the time I realized how amazing this woman is. Very resourceful, organised and meticulous. It was also during this trip when she was still considering Ivan and I met Ivan for the 1st time when he came to pick her back  from the trip. Fast forward few years later they are now married. Really really happy for them because I could really feel that they are God's planned partners for each other. Ivan changed alot through Josephine and he never fails to thank and credit her and God through his actions and facebook posts heh. Josephine is really a very all rounded woman. A rare gem. Really must treasure her! We started the day at 6am Here's a photo of Josephine before make up She was sick this day. Really hope she will get well soon! Photo + Video taking of her taking her gown before changing Here is a photo after make up + change up Did a braided bun for her The accessory from the photographer was really suitable for her Kua! So cute, nice and apt! The sweet family moment Waiting for her groom! Here he comes! Went back to meet them at One Degree 15 in the afternoon for their evening look Did hairstyling for Ivan Here is a before photo After And mermaid hair was done for Josephine's 2nd look Sometimes I really cannot decide whether a hairstyle looks better without flower arrangements or with so sometimes I also take a before and after flower arrangement hair photo heh Attended their solemnization Congratulations Mr and Mrs Ivan Lim and family! Attended her wedding with my dear husby! Changed her hairstyle to a half up half down for her 2nd march in Hair florals were provided by her florist friend who was very generous with the flowers! Put on her favourite Hydrangeas and it was in blue just right to match her gown! And a photo together to end the post Wishing Josephine and Ivan a lifetime filled with Blessings, bliss, love, fun, good health and wealth, joy and exciting adventures ahead!

Really so so so so so thankful for this opportunity. Thank You so much Daddy God and Benjamin, Diana and Andy I just can't stop thanking coz 1stly this is my 1st overseas pre wedding work trip, my first ever overseas work trip too and the whole experience was just amazing beyond what I expected. To be very honest when we met up to talk about the places we were going to, I totally did not know any of these places nor heard of the places at all and I thought we would have no chance to have proper toilet nor have any chance to bath at all and I thought the caravan sleep would have no pillow. I couldn't imagine at all but I didn't want to think too much about it and just trust that everything will be good but it was beyond good. I was a little worried at first also about whether we will all get along as we all don't really know each other well and here we are travelling together for this. I guess it's pretty much the same for all other overseas pre wedding photographer/mua/couples. I have just got to remember to just leave it to God and just trust that everything is going to be good heh Diana and Andy were great. They were this very nice and easy going couple laughing all the way. Bringing so much joy. Their love was so easily and warmly felt especially the look in Diana's eyes whenever it is a shot of them looking at each other. The love in her eyes were so deep and intense and strong for Andy. She was really easy to make up for too thankfully! Benjamin is this really fun to be with photographer/friend/travel partner. He took care of everyone well and was this really easy to be with person. I really love his eye for photography. Have been to pre wedding shoots with a few photographers and I really can feel what is working for the sake of working, and what is really putting heart to want the photos for the couple to come out amazing. Ben, for sure is the latter. And can I say his photoshop skills are amazingggggg And Tasmania. Why are you so beautiful yet so littlely mentioned! It might also be the people that made you more beautiful too but you are truly beautiful!! Moving on to the photos

Dolling up 1 of my favorite brides for her Big day, Michelle! She is this warm girl full of sunshine and I totally enjoyed dolling her up on her Pre Wedding and Wedding day! Some of my favourite shots from her Pre Wedding   Here is a photo of her before make up taken during her pre wedding heh Florals for her from Meadows & Clouds All ready for her first march in She wore back her favourite gown from her pre wedding for her 2nd march in looking totally like a fairytale princess! A photo with her prince! A photo of her and her 2nd march in hair   These are the sweet messages from her after her pre wedding and Wedding day. It warms my heart so much to see these messages from this sweet warm girl. Ending this post with the video taken that day :) Wishing Weijie and You a lifetime of true love, happiness, fun, adventures, family bliss and blessings always!

Really thankful to be Jacqueline's HMUA for both her Pre Wedding and Actual Day! Love her unique look that stands out. She has this very ang mo pai  look which really suits the more intense, glamorous look. Very spontaneous couple too! Favourite photo from their photoshoot! Will continue to let the photos and videos do most of the talking Here's a photo of Jac before make up And here's a photo of her in the morning after being dolled up An insta story of the gown taking process   Munching on happy MAC breakfast prepared by her while taking videos and watching the process haha Thank you so much babe!   Boomerang with her bridesmaids! Instastory of the getting ready for the night look   In process

Really very thankful to have met the beautiful couple Cheryl, Clement, the photographer Edmund and not forgetting Cheryl's sister too yesterday for the couple's Pre Wedding Photoshoot! It was really helpful that Cheryl did a photo chart of what she would be wearing at each location so that the planning of the looks and feels can all match better. Today's location was all chosen by the Hipster couple + 1 location by Edmund. All locations today were really interesting! Alright, time to feed the eyes.. photos time! < Gotten permission to post the photos all taken by hp :) > 1st look of the day! Cheryl's 1st bouquet of the day from Wind Flowers Florist. Really pretty! They didn't have the exact flowers that Cheryl wanted but still a really pretty bouquet! 1st location was skatepark at East Coast! This area they are taking photos in is really steep! 2nd location at this very hipster alley with the very hipster vespa! A photo comparison of the hairstyle for her 2nd look before and after edit heh before After Different photo I know.. but going for the dreamy pinky look heh If anyone can be so kind to let me know which is better? Next up! Lunch break! And then a slight touch up before the next shoot.. Bonus shots of the beautiful Cheryl Really love her sunshine smile! and then we continued around Pinnacle at Duxton and at the sky garden for the shoot There was still time so we went to a location Edmund suggested Woahhhh this location totally reminds me of fast and furious and all the movie scenarios with the illegal dealings. Just. So. Coolz! And then it was time for the last change for the last location. Again I wanna say thank you to Cheryl again for making the photo chart. Seeing the actual photo of the gown and the location on photo beforehand really made the planning of the look in advance so much better! 2nd bouquet of florals from Wind Florals Florist in the series of photos below Thankful Cheryl had 2 bouquets for this shoot thus the unique exotic blooms from the 1st bouquet can be used on her hair too :) Following with a series of photo spams.. hope you enjoy it :) Photos taken right once the hairstyling is done   Gorgeous bride! Despite the very hot sun this day, the day was still beautiful with these beautiful people :) Ending this post with a group photo for today! Group photo grabbed from Edmund's

Glad to be the Hair + Make Up Artist for Francesca and Xavier's Pre Wedding shoot! 1st time working with Daniel Beh, 1st time coming to Coney Island for a Pre Wedding Shoot and this place is beautiful! Francesca had pretty short hair, really glad to still be able to recreate her requested side braid bun. The beautiful trees in Coney island! They brought along their cookie for the photoshoot too! Too cute! Their casual shoot was done here and they were really blessed to be able to avoid the lunch crowd even though we reached at lunch time! The crowd only came in after they were fully done with their photoshoot! Tidied up her hair and changed the florals to match what she was wearing The team for today! Francesca's sister and dad was great help for the day and thanks to the groom Xavier for the nice lunch for all of us :) Looking forward to see the photos and also for their coming Actual Day!

Blessed to meet Jacqueline and Sebastian as their Hair + Make Up Artist for their Pre Wedding today! :) Received images of the hairstyles Jacqueline would prefer the day before and these were created. They are more of the hipster fun type of couple and I really enjoyed dolling Jac up for her every look! Will let the photos do the talking ^^ Here's a photo of Jacqueline looking fresh without make up! After dolling her up for her 1st look! Gave her a soft smokey look with contours to accentuate her features. Really like her type of look and vibe! Soft messy bun was created for her with florals for the Pinterest look she was looking for! 2nd look requested  was more of the retro classic glamour look She very sweetly sent me this 2 photos below from her outdoor shoot! :) My favourite will be this photo of her in kua totally rocking it! A pity i didnt manage to capture a good image of her using my phone to post of. Cant wait to see them again for their Actual Day in October already! :)    

It is actually the first time I have done a bride with the same name as me! heh And to be honest there were some angles when she was smiling that I saw myself in her haha Will let the photos do the talking Tracy prefers the european style of make up and her features sure do fits! Smokey eyes with stronger contouring was done for her She requested for the pinterest big braided bun and here is how it turned out A photo of the beautiful couple Shinko and Tracy. Shinko actually reminded me of Pastor Lawrence from my church at certain angles and also Show Luo from certain angles! 2nd hairstyle Tracy did her research well. The places she chose were really beautiful! 2 out of the 3 places we went was my 1st time there! Received a msg from Tracy the next day asking if I was available to be her Actual day MUA but as her date is a hot date, timings couldn't be compromised thus unable to help. Nonetheless very happy to see this message and encouragement from her! :)  

Thankful and Blessed to be 1 of the hair + make up artist together with Crystal Er for The Gown Warehouse's collection shoot! Here is some behind the scene shots : After styling for the beautiful model A wefie with the beautiful model Crystal and me! Michel in action Crystal touching up for the model A change of hairstyle done by me Soft + edgy low ponytail Cute when off camera Professional at work heh The 2 beautiful models A group shot with the team! And here are some of my favourite ones : Thanks to The Gown Warehouse for this collaboration opportunity!