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It was a really sweet trip with this pair. Witnessing the love between them and coming back to the place Andy proposed to Mutang. Gonna start this post with some foods worth mentioning first though. Heh. First time having bibimbap for in flight meal. Interesting! First meal in Korea was this spicy beef soup at the airport. It was so spicy my head was spinning. No kidding. But it was so good I finished everything while my head spun. The irony. And here is our 1st meal in Jeju! The pork slices on the plate was so unforgettably yummy! The mandus were really good too! We started fresh in the morning next day. A photo of mutang before make up. Thank you for the permission to post! Here's her after! Double dutch braided hairstyle requested by Mutang! A photo of the sweet couple with a willy wonker looking house behind which was actually a Cathedral before! A closer look of the adorable house! Then we came to a picturesque cafe. And here. First night dinner was at a black pork place the airbnb host recommended. The black pork here was so good! And the pumpkin salad too. It was so good we had at least 4 servings of it.   Next day we came to a place where the colors of the trees were starting to turn red. Such a pretty sight! Love red maple leaves S Caught our first sunset in Jeju and it was beautiful. The sky turned into candy colors shortly after. Second night, black pork dinner, again! Haha Requested look today! Love the natural rocks here. So I had to take a selfie too. Walked past this cute ice cream shop and we gave them a try. Really cute ice creams done on the spot with a slightly different taste to what we usually have. More refreshing in a way. Next location was this famous lone tree. Actually really surprised at how famous this tree is. Many couples travel by car to come here for photos and the stream of people never stopped when we were there. We came to the big lallang field and nearby were rows of foodvans! The peanut candy here really does resemble the one at Taiwan jiufen! This beancurd skin and the soup was so good. We had the photoshoot in this amazingly huge lalland field and Andy piggy backed Mutang all the way back to the car! Last location was where Andy proposed to Mutang and we got to

Thank you Sheryl for having me for your pre wedding and actual day and for your mom and sis too. It was my pleasure to meet all of you. There was so much emotions and love felt. Will start with the photos from her pre wedding first Photos beautifully captured by Daniel Yeow Fast forward few months later it was their big day! Very thankful that she gave me permission to post her before and after photos too! Here is 1 before and after side by side collage. Clean and elegant look for morning. Also did eyelid adjustments. A few photos of her textured + sleek 2 in 1 updo. Getting ready for Jerald's arrival.. Above are photos taken by me. Very thankful to Sheryl for sending over the professionally taken ones as requested and they were so beautifully taken by Eirik Tan! Love the mood and tone of the photos and the emotions captured. Well done Eirik! Sharing the beautiful photos here They can be viewed in the gallery as well And it was time for their Solemnization Love this photo Her daddy's proud moment Cheeky smiles You may kiss the bride! Congratulations both of you!! And not forgetting her beautiful mom and sister that I got to doll up that day too! Really appreciate that she took the extra step to choose and send me their photos too. Thank you so much Sheryl! Aren't they all so beautiful! Especially love the bonding between her sister and her. You both are really blessed to have each other as sisters! The 3 beautiful ladies together with their handsome partners. Believe her sis's fortunate one will be coming soon! Thank you once again Sheryl and Jerald for having me for your Special Occasions. It was my pleasure! Hope to have the chance to doll you up again in future, Sheryl! :) Wishing both of you and your families a lifetime filled with blessings, love, bliss, happiness, fun, good health, good times and protection always! Love, Tracy Immanuel  

Really thankful to be on this trip with the beautiful couple Brenda and Richard and the funny and talented photographer Ben. There is already edited photos from the trip so you can see both raw ( my hp ) and the professional photos ( by Ben ) Our 1st wefie of the trip! The car we travelled in. Thank you Ben for driving us around! Sheeps and cows were seen now and then at every other side of the roads. So cute! A whole mountain of sheeps! On the 1st night we went to The Church of The Good Shepherd to catch the milky way and Thank God we caught it! Ben caught a shooting star!! Make a wish Next morning we headed to the lake nearby the place we stayed at and started the photoshoot for the day Everything is so serene, so calm and beautiful. Came to this retro and interesting place Brenda's sister recommended! We were also brought to the back to meet some

Glad to be Josephine and Ivan's make up artist for their Big Day! Met Josephine during our teenage years as ZA promoters in Watsons haha and we also travelled together few years back During that trip was the time I realized how amazing this woman is. Very resourceful, organised and meticulous. It was also during this trip when she was still considering Ivan and I met Ivan for the 1st time when he came to pick her back  from the trip. Fast forward few years later they are now married. Really really happy for them because I could really feel that they are God's planned partners for each other. Ivan changed alot through Josephine and he never fails to thank and credit her and God through his actions and facebook posts heh. Josephine is really a very all rounded woman. A rare gem. Really must treasure her! We started the day at 6am Here's a photo of Josephine before make up She was sick this day. Really hope she will get well soon! Photo + Video taking of her taking her gown before changing Here is a photo after make up + change up Did a braided bun for her The accessory from the photographer was really suitable for her Kua! So cute, nice and apt! The sweet family moment Waiting for her groom! Here he comes! Went back to meet them at One Degree 15 in the afternoon for their evening look Did hairstyling for Ivan Here is a before photo After And mermaid hair was done for Josephine's 2nd look Sometimes I really cannot decide whether a hairstyle looks better without flower arrangements or with so sometimes I also take a before and after flower arrangement hair photo heh Attended their solemnization Congratulations Mr and Mrs Ivan Lim and family! Attended her wedding with my dear husby! Changed her hairstyle to a half up half down for her 2nd march in Hair florals were provided by her florist friend who was very generous with the flowers! Put on her favourite Hydrangeas and it was in blue just right to match her gown! And a photo together to end the post Wishing Josephine and Ivan a lifetime filled with Blessings, bliss, love, fun, good health and wealth, joy and exciting adventures ahead!

Shuxin was introduced to me by a friend, Sixian to engage my services. She had my mentor Christine Chia for her pre wedding some time back, Shuxin also already had a bridal package with make up artist included but she didn't like the way the make up artist did her hair + make up so she decided to ask around her friends for an alternative and so happen her new colleague, Sixian whom just left her super long job for this company recommended me to her whom I happen to be Christine's student and also happen to be working with the bridal studio she already engaged she doesn't know prior about. What are the chances? Talk about affinity! So we met up some time back for the trial and on 10 Dec, it is finally her big day! Shuxin on 1st impression seemed like the shy and sweet girl but after meeting her on her big day with her bridesmaids around I think she is actually the Da Jie Da hahaha her friends are really nice and funny! And she sure has a very loving hubby to have. He looks big and reserved but when it comes to love, he is just so mushy and loving. It is really so true to never judge a book by it's cover because we can't choose how we look nor can anybody's character and personality be shown just by face and eyes. So happy for them :) Gonna continue the rest of the post with photos now! Shuxin before make up She opted for hair extensions so here is the after And for her 2nd look Shuxin didn't want a change for her 2nd march in because she really wanted to spend more time with her guests whom made efforts to come some even from different countries instead of spending time on changing and not being able to be there with them. And there she was, walking around every table to chat and take photos with her guests. She is just this very friend friend to have :) She was also very nice to put me to eat in with Sixian before my next job so here is the lady whom brought us together Dear Sixian! Ending this post with a photo of the lovely couple before their march in! Wishing both of you an eternal of blessings, love, bliss, happiness, good health, joy and laughters always! 😊      

Really so so so so so thankful for this opportunity. Thank You so much Daddy God and Benjamin, Diana and Andy I just can't stop thanking coz 1stly this is my 1st overseas pre wedding work trip, my first ever overseas work trip too and the whole experience was just amazing beyond what I expected. To be very honest when we met up to talk about the places we were going to, I totally did not know any of these places nor heard of the places at all and I thought we would have no chance to have proper toilet nor have any chance to bath at all and I thought the caravan sleep would have no pillow. I couldn't imagine at all but I didn't want to think too much about it and just trust that everything will be good but it was beyond good. I was a little worried at first also about whether we will all get along as we all don't really know each other well and here we are travelling together for this. I guess it's pretty much the same for all other overseas pre wedding photographer/mua/couples. I have just got to remember to just leave it to God and just trust that everything is going to be good heh Diana and Andy were great. They were this very nice and easy going couple laughing all the way. Bringing so much joy. Their love was so easily and warmly felt especially the look in Diana's eyes whenever it is a shot of them looking at each other. The love in her eyes were so deep and intense and strong for Andy. She was really easy to make up for too thankfully! Benjamin is this really fun to be with photographer/friend/travel partner. He took care of everyone well and was this really easy to be with person. I really love his eye for photography. Have been to pre wedding shoots with a few photographers and I really can feel what is working for the sake of working, and what is really putting heart to want the photos for the couple to come out amazing. Ben, for sure is the latter. And can I say his photoshop skills are amazingggggg And Tasmania. Why are you so beautiful yet so littlely mentioned! It might also be the people that made you more beautiful too but you are truly beautiful!! Moving on to the photos

Isabel is truly the purest bride I've met. A very sweet and very nice girl. Very beautiful in and out. Scroll down to see and read more Here's Isabel before make up Already very beautiful to start with After Gonna do a photo reference VS end result again for heh Here are the preferred hairstyle photo references she sent Both by my teacher mentor Christine Chia! And here is my inspired version heh Isabel has really beautiful and thick hair thus the bun came out much bigger heh Loving the flowers provided by her florists too for her hair! And off she goes for her church wedding Came back in the afternoon to prepare her for her tea ceremony and 1st march in 1st in Kebaya for tea ceremony She looks so beautiful and radiant in her Kebaya! Here is the requested pinterest hair for her 2nd look And the inspired after by me.. Didn't manage to take more good photos of this hairstyle but Thank God for Insta-story which captured the looks of the overall hairstyle much better. Video below   Wanted to have dinner at Wasabiteh but ended up having dinner at standing sushi bar while waiting to touch her up before her 1st March In since it was nearby. No regretsssss Their pidan tofu was soooooooo goooooodddddd Their aburi salmon roll was good too! Now.. back to Isabel! I really love her gown. She looks so good in it and the gown looks so good on her! Designed by Adora of Z Wedding This is so beautiful be it the design, the material used and

18 November is a super hot date for all brides and wedding vendors! So decided to compile them all on 1 post Started the day with Genevieve at 5am Genevieve before make up Always thankful to brides whom allows me to post their before photos on social media ( I will always ask for permission before posting ) because it is only then can people see what the MUA did After Florals for her hair by Meadows & Clouds Put on Got to doll up a pair of mother and daughter in between the wait. Then went to Intercontinental hotel for Genevieve's change of hair to a loose messy side bun before her Solemnization Went for some photoshoots before her march in at the decorated stairways done up by Meadows & Clouds! Love these shots!   \ Genevieve requested for a low ponytail for her 2nd march in so this was done with a little added textures A photo of the beautiful couple while waiting to march in After Genevieve, went to doll up Eunice for her singing competition! And then ending with Stephanie to attend a wedding dinner before it was my turn to doll up myself to attend my friend Jorlene's wedding dinner! Congratulations Jo! Her wedding was such a fun one and it was so her night! Loved her specially tailored gowns that suits her so so much! They are really 1 fun couple!     I always believe that no matter what type of person you are, there will surely be that someone who will match you perfectly and what I really see in William and Jo is they have really found THE ONE for them that suits them so well so well so well! So happy for them! Wishing all couples today to be filled with so much love, fun, adventures, blessings, bliss and good health always!        

It was my pleasure to be the make up artist for Germaine's wedding. Germaine looks better in person than in photos though so only the complimenting shots will be shown Half up half down hairstyle was requested for all 3 looks so these are the looks created for her 1st look in the morning! Didn't manage to capture a clear photo of the behind of her hair but gotten it clearly on my instagram story instead. So, here's the instagram story showing the back of her hair haha   2nd look before her Solemnization Her hair before putting on flowers Gave her a very textured design at the back with fishtail braids for her 2nd look After putting on flowers A photo of Germaine touched up and ready for her grand 1st March In! Beautiful Bride And now for the last look of the day It was a pity I didn't manage to get very clear and nice photos of the last look as it was a bit rush But here are the best in my hp camera Gave her a side sweep half up half down twisted braid with red flowers to compliment her gown! She look really sweet in the photos but they came out quite blur not clear enough. Managed to catch a photo of the couple while waiting for the lift! Presenting to you the beautiful couple

Really happy to Leona's HMUA for her Big Day! Leona's the happy and chillax bride. Something that I always feel happy to see in brides.  Being a "I want to control everything in my own hands" bride myself years back, I really appreciate the fact that brides can just relax and enjoy their big day instead of worrying and stressing themselves out on this 1 big special day of their lives. This Should be the way! Back to Leona, here is a photo of her before make up And here is a photo after she is all made up! Lighting was quite bad at the spot photo was taken so brightened it up quite abit heh And a pic with the beautiful bride! Trying out the new S curl technique on Leona which I'm really thankful to Cherry Au for sharing the link with me which worked out well for Leona :) Today is also the first day I'm working with Ben and Charmaine for some marketing for Tracy.Im! Hope everything will work out well! :) Here's a photo they took of me while working on Leona 😄 And here's the 2nd look all ready for Leona! Really glad that she likes them and thanked me for giving her pretty eyes and to give her limp hair life which im even more happy to hear that she is happy with the looks she have entrusted me to give her 😊 Another photo with Leona Totally enjoyed the time with you babe! Thank you so much again for trusting me and wishing Raph and you a lifetime of love, bliss, happiness and fun! 😊❤