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Really very happy and honoured to have the chance to work alongside with a lot of people in this show and also with the background ninjas too. To have the chance to know them in person, to see how a tv serial is being made, to know how tough it is for every role. For the actors/actresses, they need to memorize so much script and be able to bring out the correct emotions at all times for the show to look right. Not easy, not easy at all. Especially crying scenes. Can you imagine you brew up all your emotions to cry and just breakdown. 1 cut from the director you have to stop and start all over again and again and again and again. Every scene is taken alot of times from different angles too. So you cannot imagine how amazing these people are unless you see it for yourself. For the directors, they have to remember and look out for every single little detail to make sure that all the scenes can link. That is extremely tough to me at least. And to also make sure that all emotions of the actors/actresses are being brought out. And also making sure there r no least bit of camera jerks or softness and extra sounds. So much things to take care of. All boiling down to this 1 person. The camera, lightings and sound crew. The amount of things they have to carry and move and fix ( trails  and stands ) and make sure everything is always right and in order in every scene. So many changes and angles for every scene. So much hard work. The AP & PA to always make sure everything is in order. The propsmen to take care of the props and every other things The PAs of the actress and actors to always make sure that everything their bosses need are met quick and timely. And me, I just need to make sure that their hair and face look near to perfect for the screen will do. I always feel like I have the simplest job amongst them all haha After typing so much, time for the photosss! WALA! 1 of my very happy moments! A photo with my since childhood idol Zoe Tay!! So that's what it looks like on a set where we always see nurses at the lanes of a hospital in tv. This was taken during a meal where Bryan Wong cooked very