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Stephanie and Nigel 15 Oct 2016


Was really excited to do Stephanie’s make up as they were the first couple whom told me to be creative and I really love that!

We did a pre wedding photoshoot at my place and now to do their wedding is really my priviledge.

Will let the photos do the talking.

Stephy’s before photos.

talking about before photos, i think i start to get why many make up artists do not post the before photos anymore coz it affects the overall “mei gan” “beauty” of the overall photo. Am i right..? Coz i realize i stop posting before after photos on my instagram already for this reason. But blog tells a story so I should still be posting all before photos here.



c360_2016-10-15-05-59-49-303c360_2016-10-15-06-00-19-518 c360_2016-10-15-06-00-44-907

Gave her glitter cut crease make up

I know this is 1 type of make up most people wouldn’t be able to accept but i’m really really glad she likes it! 🙂 This is definitely 1 of a kind and the 1st time I’m doing this for a client!

A messsy high bun was requested for her customized gown and a high bun it shall be!


Tried Sin Heng Kee porridge for the first time after hearing lots of raves but coz i reached here too early i

had to wait. Had youtiao with coffee while waiting. So long didnt have youtiao with kopi le so nostalgic and oily but its goooodddd


porridge was not good. maybe i was expecting too much based on the reviews.

I did a 2nd look for Steph as well and she requested for the cheongsam hair look i did for her the last time during our photoshoot. Lip colour is a colour from NYX Nigel picked out for her. The color really rocks on her with this gown!


Gorgeous Stephy!

Ending this post with a photos of us!


Thank you for having me as your Hair + Make Up Artist for your Big Day!

Blessings to both of you always!