Shuxin and Andy’s Big Day

Shuxin and Andy’s Big Day

Shuxin and Andy’s Big Day

Shuxin was introduced to me by a friend, Sixian to engage my services.

She had my mentor Christine Chia for her pre wedding some time back, Shuxin also already had a bridal package with make up artist included but she didn’t like the way the make up artist did her hair + make up so she decided to ask around her friends for an alternative and so happen her new colleague, Sixian whom just left her super long job for this company recommended me to her whom I happen to be Christine’s student and also happen to be working with the bridal studio she already engaged she doesn’t know prior about.

What are the chances? Talk about affinity!

So we met up some time back for the trial and on 10 Dec, it is finally her big day!

Shuxin on 1st impression seemed like the shy and sweet girl but after meeting her on her big day with her bridesmaids around I think she is actually the Da Jie Da hahaha her friends are really nice and funny!

And she sure has a very loving hubby to have. He looks big and reserved but when it comes to love, he is just so mushy and loving. It is really so true to never judge a book by it’s cover because we can’t choose how we look nor can anybody’s character and personality be shown just by face and eyes.

So happy for them 🙂

Gonna continue the rest of the post with photos now!

Shuxin before make up


She opted for hair extensions so here is the after

20171210_072445_mh1512977801423 IMG_20171211_125842_556 IMG_20171211_125842_575

And for her 2nd look

20171210_124936_mh1512989193661 IMG_20171211_221817_691 IMG_20171211_213808_523

Shuxin didn’t want a change for her 2nd march in because she really wanted to spend more time with her guests whom made efforts to come some even from different countries instead of spending time on changing and not being able to be there with them.

And there she was, walking around every table to chat and take photos with her guests. She is just this very friend friend to have 🙂

She was also very nice to put me to eat in with Sixian before my next job so here is the lady whom brought us together Dear Sixian!

20171210_132206 20171210_132209

Ending this post with a photo of the lovely couple before their march in!


Wishing both of you an eternal of blessings, love, bliss, happiness, good health, joy and laughters always! 😊