Roy and Cheryl’s Wedding!

Roy and Cheryl’s Wedding!

Roy and Cheryl’s Wedding!

Blessed, thankful and honoured to be part of Roy and Cheryl’s Wedding!

Was called to be Roy’s mom’s MUA and it was a pleasure meeting her 🙂

Also was her guest for the 2nd day of her wedding banquet!

It was a really beautiful, grand fairytale wedding!

Will let the photos do the talking!

1 July 2017

20170701_165159 - Copy

Meeting Mrs Fong for the first time doing her make up while Joni from Jean Yip does her hair!

20170701_165227 - Copy



Apple was also here to help out!



20170701_150551 20170701_150539

Selfies in the lift heh

20170701_190749 - Copy

Another wefie with Mrs Fong after she’s all dressed up!

20170701_212116 20170701_212318

Selfie with the Bride and Groom!


And a Wefie! hehe

20170701_212337 - Copy

And here is the MUA for Cheryl, Cass!

20170701_212635 - Copy

Behind the scenes!

Uncle David doing her hair and Cass touching up!


With the couple and stylists!

20170701_214420 - Copy

Saw Pierre too!

20170701_214736 - Copy

The cocktail bar was setting up and we had a drink each! These cocktails were specially created by Roy and Cheryl!

20170701_214808 - Copy 20170701_215309 - Copy 20170701_215347 - Copy

With the beautiful and interesting drinks!


Must selfie with this!

It was really nice!!

And then i saw….

20170701_220805 - Copy

ZOE TAY!! She is really a very nice person with no airs!


She came into the ‘salon’ room to touch up her make up too and she told people in the room we have worked together before and told her son i’m her friend and she left saying, ‘thank you Tracy’. To be very honest, I didn’t expect her to remember my name. And somehow i felt so small and she feels so far but yet she remembered me. It was really very touching for me. I know this sounds damn drama but it just really felt this way to me. Thank you Ah Jie!!


2 July 2017


Got to watch the NDP rehearsal from Mrs Fong’s room!


Was feeling hungry after doing her make up and asked if they wanted some which i’ll go over to marina square to get, Mrs Fong told me to come up to the Ritz Lounge to help myself to some food. So nice of her!


This was made of foie gras and they tasted so nice I just had to have 2 more!

20170702_181011 - Copy

Joni who did Mrs Fong’s hair asked if I wanted to have my hair done too. How could i resist? Thank you Joni!!

20170702_182229 - Copy

Thank you!

20170702_215117 20170702_184552 - Copy (2)

Tonight as guests, we are ready!

20170702_185235 - Copy 20170702_185231 - Copy

Of course must take photo with the Unicorn again!

IMG-20170702-WA0030 - Copy

This time with pretty Adeline!

IMG-20170703-WA0007 - Copy

Attending wedding dinner together for the 1st time! 🙂

IMG-20170703-WA0004 - Copy IMG-20170703-WA0005

Fun shots with Cass!

IMG_20170703_020336_540 - Copy

Hanging up my wishes for the beautiful couple!



20170702_192115 - Copy

With Jean Yip and Mervyn!


Lovely entrance!


In the ballroom!


Flying unicorn on stage!

20170702_192934 - Copy

Beautiful set up


Menu for the night!


Caught them before their 2nd march in!

IMG_20170703_022024_726 - Copy

Chance for wefie weeeee


Darryl Yong was here too!

20170702_223715 20170702_223728

Giving their speech


They did a beautiful dance too!

20170702_204614 20170702_204643

Roy’s parents on stage for their speech

20170702_201932 20170702_203400 20170702_211922 20170702_214100 20170702_222017 20170702_223707 20170702_231015 20170702_210854

The yummy foods! Loved the Bird nest in coconut so much!!


Last photo of the night. With Mrs Fong!

Thank you Roy and Cheryl for letting us be part of this. Wishing both of you an eternal life of love, life, joy, fun, peace, good health and wealth always!