Mother and Sister Make Up and Hairstyling

Mother and Sister Make Up and Hairstyling

Mother and Sister Make Up and Hairstyling

Did hair and make up for this very sweet and cute nice mother and daughter today!


They were both really sweet and cool with me posting their before photos too 🙂

Alot of make up artists do not post the before photos coz guess it affects the overall “mei gan” of the whole post. But to me as of now, still have the mentality that only with the before photo then can you see what we really did!

So here’s the before and after photos of the lovely daughter currently pregnant with a baby boy! So happy for her!


The first thing she asked me was why did i choose to do make up.

My reply was, it had just been something that I never gave up on. In the earlier stages there were times i felt beaten and wanted to give up when i faced very unsatisfied customers. It really hit me hard and hurt me. But somehow, I just never wanted to give up on it. I just kept going. ( I believe this is the gift from God to me thus He never let me give up. ) So she said it’s passion? I said yes. And she said good good.

Later on I heard from her mother that she is going to graduate as a doctor next year and she has already immigrated to Australia with her husband. It makes me kindof understand why she asked that question earlier heh coz since young we always say to grow up as doctors and lawyers. You don’t hear people saying that they wanna grow up as make up artists ba haha but im glad and proud of being one.

Perks is my timing is really flexible. Most of the days i can sleep really late ( im a night owl ) and wake up at 2+pm till im fully awake haha. Most importantly, im doing something that makes me happy! 🙂

Growing up, happiness have always been my priority. I do things that makes me happy. But most people just don’t understand which is fine as long as i’m happy but got to admit sometimes words people say can and do affect me too. Sorry for sharing my vulnerable side which i feel i shouldnt on my “professional work” blog but yes. Truth hurts. What you really feel about ppl may hurt if you say it out. But that’s really what YOU think. Not what the person is thinking. Never ever assume how a person is feeling about something in your own mentality. NEVER DO THAT. Every human have feelings.  I use to always shoot my mouth saying that’s what i feel what. Im straightforward. I dont care. But i have learnt to stop doing so. I still do at times coz i often talk without it going through my brain. But i really nv meant to hurt ever. I pray to God for wisdom for all things including my words. It is really true that if you have nothing better to say, just keep your mouth shut. Nobody will think you are a mute.

Truely Thank God for giving me this gift to meet the precious people serving at VA in church, for opening these doors for me and especially for giving me my very supportive mother and husband 🙂

I love this mother and daughter, nv felt they meant anything but you know, humans sometimes do think and read further into things unnecessarily.

Felt better after typing these out heh.

Alright! Here’s the cute mother!


Cheers to all good and happy things in life! 🙂