Michelle and Wei Jie’s Wedding day!

Michelle and Wei Jie’s Wedding day!

Michelle and Wei Jie’s Wedding day!

Dolling up 1 of my favorite brides for her Big day, Michelle!

She is this warm girl full of sunshine and I totally enjoyed dolling her up on her Pre Wedding and Wedding day!

Some of my favourite shots from her Pre Wedding

DSC_4145-01 DSC_4148



Here is a photo of her before make up taken during her pre wedding heh


Florals for her from Meadows & Clouds


All ready for her first march in


20171119_122732 20171119_122700

She wore back her favourite gown from her pre wedding for her 2nd march in looking totally like a fairytale princess!

A photo with her prince!


A photo of her and her 2nd march in hair

20171119_141923-01 20171119_141943-01 20171119_141940-01 20171119_141938-01


These are the sweet messages from her after her pre wedding and Wedding day. It warms my heart so much to see these messages from this sweet warm girl.

Screenshot_20170913-211717 Screenshot_20171119-232529_mh1511152948085

Ending this post with the video taken that day 🙂

Wishing Weijie and You a lifetime of true love, happiness, fun, adventures, family bliss and blessings always!