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Make Up for Irene Ang and Cheryl Wee


Very happy and priviledged to be able do make up for Irene Ang and Cheryl Wee today as they are going for a meet and greet for their movie gala premiere ( <– hope I got this correct ) My Love Sinema.

Make up to be done at Fly’s office woohoooo!!


A photo of my make up work suitcase!


Cheryl arrived first and she was this very very sweet lady. I felt so at ease with her and she has this very gentle and sweet aura. Anybody can grow to like her too easily!


After make up


A photo with sweet Cheryl

Irene arrived shortly after and there was something going on and on in the room that she managed to settle quickly and efficiently just like a cool lady boss.

I looked up and read up on her when I got to know that I’m gonna do her make up thus getting to know her a little more and I look up to her after reading her bio. It was never easy for her when she was young but now she IS successful doing well in what she does. I pray that this show My Love Sinema will break box office records in Singapore and Malaysia. After watching the trailer and reading the reviews i’m truly looking forward to watching it soon! Reviews on the movie after watching!

***19 Sept 2016 Monday

Watched My Love Sinema today with mom! I give this show a 3/10.

I see the sincerity in this movie. Jeff Wang, Tosh and Cheryl did a great job acting. Alot of details and efforts can be seen in movie.I teared uncontrollably at the end of the show. Great efforts all!!!


A after make up photo with the cool LADYBOSS!


Hair all done by Jean Yip!

God bless them and this movie. Shower your abundance of favours to this movie Lord!

Support local movie! Watch this movie soon with your family and friends ok!

Ending the post with this shiok ribeye steak from Serangoon I had for dinner today heh



Tracy <3