Leona and Raphael’s Big Day!

Leona and Raphael’s Big Day!

Leona and Raphael’s Big Day!

Really happy to Leona’s HMUA for her Big Day!

Leona’s the happy and chillax bride. Something that I always feel happy to see in brides. Β Being a “I want to control everything in my own hands” bride myself years back, I really appreciate the fact that brides can just relax and enjoy their big day instead of worrying and stressing themselves out on this 1 big special day of their lives. This Should be the way!

Back to Leona, here is a photo of her before make up


And here is a photo after she is all made up!


Lighting was quite bad at the spot photo was taken so brightened it up quite abit heh

And a pic with the beautiful bride!


Trying out the new S curl technique on Leona which I’m really thankful to Cherry Au for sharing the link with me which worked out well for Leona πŸ™‚

Today is also the first day I’m working with Ben and Charmaine for some marketing for Tracy.Im!


Hope everything will work out well! πŸ™‚

Here’s a photo they took of me while working on Leona πŸ˜„


And here’s the 2nd look all ready for Leona!


Really glad that she likes them and thanked me for giving her pretty eyes and to give her limp hair life which im even more happy to hear that she is happy with the looks she have entrusted me to give her 😊

Another photo with Leona


Totally enjoyed the time with you babe! Thank you so much again for trusting me and wishing Raph and you a lifetime of love, bliss, happiness and fun! 😊❀