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Last day of 2017 – 31/12/17


This post comes a little late but thought it would be good to have a post to sum up 2017

Thankful to end this 2017 with 2 brides as well, Tricia and Yingshi

Will start with Tricia first, followed by Yingshi and then a closing for 2017

Tricia before make up


Tricia after she is made up


Did eyelid adjustments for her as well which can be seen better when the before and after is put side by side


For night, gave her a textured half up half down hair do

IMG_20171231_220501_7231980-01-01 00.01.07 IMG_20171231_220501_735

Bride Yingshi

Bride Yingshi is 1 beautiful and funny bride. She had this very funny vibe. Almost everything she said made me laugh even though she didn’t meant it to be funny!

She had her ROM this day with James held in the afternoon

Before make up




Also did eyelid adjustments for her


Gave her the airy textured braided half do and im glad she likes it 🙂

20171231_135410-01 20171231_135653

360 degree video of Yingshi

She reminds me of the hongkong actress “Xiao Jie Ba” Gigi Lai from Gu Huo Zai ” Young and Dangerous”

Looking forward to see her in November again for her Actual day!


And now, ending this post with my thanksgiving and thoughts for 2017

I don’t know how this will go. Will just let my thoughts flow.

Firstly really All Praise to Daddy God.

As my job is freelance, and counted new as a full time freelance as a make up artist, I must say I don’t really have much contacts and I’m also not quite the PR person. I just let go and let God take care of everything and He truly did not disappoint.

The calls, jobs, opportunities, agents, vendors, clients were overall overwhelming. Thank you Xiuli, Dollei, Jo, Mich, Adeline, CP, Ben for giving me the chance and opportunities and many many more I sincerely thank you and appreciate you all.

There were many times everything was so tight but I enjoyed every moment, especially when it came to doing brides. I really enjoy most doing bridal make up, it is when I feel like I’m doing what I really love and fully enjoy every session compared to when doing productions but productions have their fun in them too. Never expected I would even come close to so many artists be it actors, actresses, DJs, models, behind the scenes people and all. Seeing how every scene is done, being able to know the real side of artists where most are really fun to be with and nice people. Just that I really came to realize that I’m more of a 1 to 1 person. I flow better when its just me and the bride alone. Or when its just 2-3 people. When more people are around I would usually just shut up not purposely but that’s just..  me. Or sometimes I would still just focus on the bride and then everyone else is just shut off from my radar.. not on purpose.. but it just.. happens. So on production sets if you know me from there you would see that i’m usually quiet and like in my own world. Only if i meet people I really click with on set then I can open up which to most of my friends, I’m usually really talkative lah :b

Thank you to all the brides for trusting me and allowing me to be the make up artist for your Pre Wedding/Wedding Day. Thank you

IMG_20170604_005645_698 IMG_20170913_153017_166 20170912_182518  IMG-20171129-WA000920170513_065504IMG_20171126_134601_275

Really Thank God for the leading to learn from Christine Chia in 2016 as she is truly the one that helped me so much in the head start of being a make up artist. Because I have never thought of doing make up full time in the first place. I learnt from her just for the sake of improving my skills. But she encouraged me. And from her scoldings she really woke me up and she also gave really practical useful make up artist advices openly to me  ( which can never be learnt from schools ) so really thank you Christine Chia from the bottom of my heart and also to the teachers I have learnt from this year as well, Crystal Er also from Style Union, Lynn Lee from Taiwan, Gulan from China and Cherry Au from Autelier. Really thank you all for your generous teachings.

Christine and Crystal. Photos taken at the Gown Warehouse opening! Very thankful that we were chosen to do the hair and make up for the lady bosses Annabelle, Eunice and Nonie too!

And it was actually Christine that highly recommended us to join The Gown Warehouse although she wasn’t part of them!


Taiwan teacher Lynn Lee class in Singapore that dear sis Adeline recommended me to go for which was really useful! Thanks sis!

MYXJ_20170220234300_save MYXJ_20170220224515_save MYXJ_20170220234321_save

Teacher Gulan class attended with fellow classmates from Lynn Lee’s class!


With dear Cherry Au from Autelier who was really generous in teaching as well. Really learnt a lot from her. Thank you so much Cherry!


Special special thanks to Ruiling too for messaging me ( after losing contact for so many years ) if I wanted to join mediacorp. The timing then was so perfect if it was not God I don’t know what. She was like the angel that leaded me to do make up full time too. Though this happened in July 2016 but it wasn’t mentioned then so just got to mention it now heh

In 2017 I got to help in these dramas for Channel 8 – Mightiest Mother In Law, When Duty Calls, My Friends From Afar and from Channel 5 – Tanglin, Lion’s Mom 2 and Code of Law 4 and also for a toggle production which had my favourite DJS Sonia Chew and Joakim Gomez, and also for DJs for upcoming radio stations, a Samsung Ad and also a vietnam commercial which took place in Singapore!

Photos from Mightiest Mother In Law

IMG_20161114_205053 IMG_20161123_212445 IMG_20161123_211532

20170124_151403 MYXJ_20170103182237_save IMG_20170119_235539_551

Photos from When Duty Calls

Favourite set to be on!

20170227_141418 20170301_151957 20170315_083808_mr1489685842469

20170315_103018_mr148968582637320170426_103128_mr1493205969134 20170426_103057 20170428_085952 20170526_212725 20170531_215558_mr1496254677795 20170531_220223 20170531_223057_mr1496254404519

Photos from My Friends from Afar

20170627_124004_mh1498576180971 20170627_124024_mr1498576105010 20170628_162441

IMG_20170729_172106_89020170714_151808 20170815_123239

Many thanks to Yuqing Da Ge for capturing these behind the scene shots!

IMG-20170901-WA0019 IMG-20170901-WA0027 IMG-20170901-WA0031

For Channel 5 it was only on a when they need me and I’m available basis then I’m there but still happy to be a small part of them 🙂

Shots taken from the monitor while on set for Tanglin

20170210_215148 20170214_115037

Lina Ng from lion mom’s 2


Sunny Pang and Fauzie Laily in Code Of Law 4

IMG_20170830_104517_723 IMG_20170830_105013_767

1st time doing make up for the model of a lookbook and it is for The Gown Warehouse

20170329_105149_mr1490892127228 20170329_183133 18642082_10153966341852609_552027347_o

1st time doing make up for a wedding show and it is for Beautiful Love Wedding

20170312_145931_mr1489310599861 20170312_133245_mr1489322972200 20170312_160017_mr1489310616070

Had the chance to do make up for Cheryl Wee thanks to Xiuli!

IMG_20170310_190528_362 IMG_20170310_190842_604

Went for my 1st overseas pre wedding shoot, in Tasmania! Thanks Ben, Diana and Andy for the opportunity!

20171205_095236_mr1512465907035 20171205_101407 20171205_121622 20171205_181708 Screenshot_20171213-095159_mh1513129941880

Had the chance to do hair for Esther again for the testimony video to be shown in Church for Christmas!

20171027_195411 20171027_195301

Doing make up had always been my passion I don’t know why too but I just know it and I Thank God for giving me this gift. I’m not the cleverest person you know nor the most hardworking but when it comes to learning for make up, I do have the drive for it which I really don’t have for to learn most other things so I’m really thankful to be able to do and continue learning for what I truly love doing.


I’m really thankful to my husband for being able to accommodate to my super irregular timings, to try his best to send me to and fro for my mediacorp jobs and for availing his car for me to use most of the time when I have work and for trusting me to go for overseas pre wedding shoots. Really Thank God for giving me my The One, my Wan 🙂


Gonna continue to Trust God for all good things to take place because I know I can’t, but He can and His plans for us are always good!


And I hope that in this 2018 it will bring all of you abundance of blessings, love, joy, good health, peace, prosperity, and happiness always!  🙂

IMG-20170412-WA0003 IMG_20171122_080216_759