Joavian and Benny’s Wedding Day!

Joavian and Benny’s Wedding Day!

Joavian and Benny’s Wedding Day!

Really love Joavian’s beautiful thick hair! It gave alot of space to create beautiful hairstyles and of course + her already beautiful face.. just really happy everything turned out well for this beautiful bride inside out 🙂

I really have to first say.. The texture of the hair is really a very important factor as to how the hairstyles will turn out.

Alright.. Gonna dive into the post right now

Beautiful flowers from her florist for her hair

Always love seeing these exotic flowers!


Thank you for preparing these cream puffs for everyone too! So yummy!


Beautiful Joavian’s before. She has really good skin!


1st look for the day!


Usually I will ask brides if they have any photo references for the looks they would like on their big day and thought it would be interesting to start posting the photos they sent me via the styles created

So here is the requested updo for morning

Screenshot_20171108-012932_mh1510075902518 Screenshot_20171108-012938_mh1510075878102

Because she has so much hair, a double fishtail braided bun was created for her

20171104_074353_mh1509803947312 goMeirongTemp_mr1509802600304_mh1509804001245

Instastory for her 1st look


2nd look of the day for her Solemnization and 1st March in


Joavian really loved her day gown and preferred to take the table photos with it thus her wearing her evening gown for her Solemnization and 1st march in instead.

Pinterest photos references for 2nd look hair

Messy hair don’t care cos’ it’s the IN trend now. I guess due to Pinterest heh

Screenshot_20171108-012900_mh1510075927486 Screenshot_20171108-012908_mh1510076298544

VS Recreated look

20171104_163904_mr1509802040456 IMG_20171105_235534_713

Photo on the left is the look just done and ready to change for Solemnization, Photo on the right is right before her 1st march in

Photos below is after her first march in, couldn’t help but take some more photos before changing it coz the confettis ( created by her 1st march in ) on her head with this hairstyle makes it looks so happy! haha

PSX_20171105_232946 PSX_20171105_233036_mh1509895909650

And also to be honest this is 1 of my favorite hairstyles done till date!

Instastory on her 2nd look


And now to the last lap, her 2nd march in look


Requested hairstyles

Screenshot_20171108-012948_mh1510075847054 Screenshot_20171108-013314_mh1510076040383

VS recreated hairstyle

goMeihuaTemp_mh1509894305810 goMeihuaTemp_mh1509896478876_mr1509896507517

Because she really had such thick and beautiful hair, 2 dutch braids + 1 fishtail braid was created

It was a waste that I’ve forgotten to take a instastory for her last look!

She really looked like a Princess!

At the end of the day, Benny bowed and said, “thank you for making my wife look so beautiful today.”

It touched me to be appreciated like this. But as I’ve said for the umpteenth time since that day.. Joavian is already beautiful to begin with.

It was my pleasure to be her make up artist 🙂

Wishing Joavian and Benny a lifetime full of love, bliss, fun, adventures and happiness always!