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Jacqueline and Sebastian’s Wedding!


Really thankful to be Jacqueline’s HMUA for both her Pre Wedding and Actual Day!

Love her unique look that stands out. She has this very ang mo pai  look which really suits the more intense, glamorous look.

Very spontaneous couple too!

Favourite photo from their photoshoot!


Will continue to let the photos and videos do most of the talking

Here’s a photo of Jac before make up


And here’s a photo of her in the morning after being dolled up


An insta story of the gown taking process


Munching on happy MAC breakfast prepared by her while taking videos and watching the process haha

Thank you so much babe!



Boomerang with her bridesmaids!

Instastory of the getting ready for the night look


In process…


And… DONE!


All glamed up and ready for their Big Night!

Photo Credits to Charmaine!

and an Instastory of the behind the scenes for this shot above haha

Really happy to see this message from her!


Thank you so much for everything Jacqueline! It was fun being your Hair + Make Up Artist. Thank you for your trust and wishing Seb and you a lifetime full of love, bliss, fun, joy and happiness always! 🙂