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Huishi + Elvin New Zealand PWS


It was supposed to be summer during the time we were in New Zealand.

Beautiful snow came to welcome us on the first day instead!


Supposed to start shoot only at night but because of the snow, we started early suggested by Ben. A definite good call!

Snow shots!


Ben made us bacon and eggs for dinner


And then we went out to try to catch photos of the couple with the milky way.

The milky way was pretty faint this time due to the very strong moonlight

They still took some shots and we came back the next morning

Created a sweet and romantic halfdo for Huishi today.

At Church Of The Good Shepherd

20181121_083425 20181121_083434

And some shots with the snow cape mountains as the background

20181121_091145 20181121_091328

We came over to Fairlie Bakehouse after the shoot.

The BEST PIES are right here!


Salmon and bacon pie ftw!!


After pies we continued with the photoshoot


Finally saw the beautiful lupines on this trip in NZ. They are actually so soft to touch and they all look so sweet in colours!

20181121_13414220181121_133747 20181121_134326

Came to hooker valley for the middle of the road shot


Dinner was Erik’s fish and chips and we feasted!

It is so good!

20181121_195756 20181121_202436 20181121_202808

Next morning, we came to #THATWANAKATREE



They were going for the helicopter ride today and during the last round we went up the Coromandel Peak, the wind was so super strong that no matter the amount of adjustments or hairspray,  hair just kept flying so I made sure to give Huishi a neat updo this time round to avoid looking too messy.


Got to seat at the front seat this time round! Weeeeet!

20181122_151721 20181122_151907 20181122_152321

And the shooting starts!

20181122_160747 20181122_161431

A wefie with the heli!


Changed gown and a new look for Huishi before we went into the woods for the next shoot. It finally felt like summer!

20181122_183245 20181122_183808 20181122_184125(0)

So it was time for ice cream heh


Pizzas to end the night!


We had a casual shoot the next morning and this also marks an end to our magical photoshoot in New Zealand with this beautiful pair.

20181123_084613 20181123_084813

Caught the movie Bohemian Rhapsody that night with Ben in Christchurch.

20181123_205619 20181123_230927 20181123_231901

This show inspired me so much so much so much beyond words.

Really glad to receive this message from Huishi.


Thank you so much for having Ben and I on this trip with you guys. Thank you both so much for being so sweet and great sports to be with. Miss the good times with you guys!