Hong Kong Bride Esther Wong

Hong Kong Bride Esther Wong

Hong Kong Bride Esther Wong

When Esther’s mother Evon told me she prayed to God for a suitable make up artist for her daughter and my name popped up first on google it really touched me. Really thankful to meet this beautiful family.

They are from Hong Kong. Esther now resides in Singapore. Really warm, polite and graceful people.

Alright, shall now let the photos accompany the words to talk.

Starting with a photo of Esther before make up


And here is 1 after she is made up!

20180421_085531(0) 20180421_085535

Gave her some soft frills at first but decided that she looks better without them so here goes!


There. Much cleaner.

A sweet photo of her parents veiling their beautiful daughter


Margaret did hair + make up for the bride’s mother Evon in the morning and in the afternoon I came back to touch up for Evon + do a fresh look for Esther.

Here is some photos of the very beautiful mummy Evon!

DSC03927-Edit DSC03929-Edit

Couldn’t resist not taking a photo with her


Thank you so much Evon for your trust and love.

She is really 1 of the most gracious, loving, polite and beautiful mother I’ve met.

Photo credits to Benjamin from Benjamin King Photography. Had him here to help me take videos of the process of dolling Esther up and he did a great job! Unfortunately not sure why the videos can’t be loaded here but do take a look at the extended version one on my facebook => Tracy.Im Hair + Make Up

IG has a limit of only 1 minute for videos so alot of footages were cut to fit.

Love this photo of Esther


Really feel that Esther looks like a Hongkong actress. Not like she looks like any actress but her looks look like an actress to me haha

Back of her hair after hair florals were up part 1


Part 2. Photo taken from the video’s screenshots as I didn’t mange to capture a nice photo of her hair after the baby breaths and more greens were added. White and green was her colour theme for the day!

IMG-20180422-WA0009 IMG-20180422-WA0008

An insta story of her being photographed by Ben!

Ending this post with a wefie with the beautiful couple!


Thank you Esther and Evon for allowing me to be part of this beautiful big day to doll both of you up. It had been my pleasure, really.

Wishing your family a lifetime filled with loads of love, blessings, bliss, adventures, joy, happiness, fun, good health and wealth always!


Tracy Immanuel


Just received this message from Esther so posting it here too


Really glad to know that she was satisfied with my service for her! 🙂

***Another update, just gotten photos from Kai for the morning part and wow just wow. I felt something when I looked through his photos. Kai is the groom Jon’s personal friend. Esther was telling me Kai works in an artistic way. To be honest on that day itself I didn’t really get it. Kai didn’t do the norms. At that point of time I thought so this is what artistic meant? Then I looked through this album he sent and I felt it. I felt feelings looking through the photos. I could see the story being told of that day. It really isn’t the norm. In fact this is the 1st time I ever felt this way looking at a set of photos. Sounds exaggerating I know but I really felt this. Please, go take a look in the gallery for Esther’s album or just check him out on @kai_picture

Sharing a few favourites here..

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