Erlin + Angus Turkey Pre Wedding

Erlin + Angus Turkey Pre Wedding

Erlin + Angus Turkey Pre Wedding

Very happy and thankful to be on this trip with Erlin, Angus and my partner in crime Benjamin!

It was a very eye opening and enjoyable trip. Thank God!

Couple arranged this transport for us to the hotel. Thank you!


Beautiful plates


Couple reserved to bring us to Salt bae restaurant on the first night but there were too many people waiting on reservations we didn’t get to eat it.


And so we had Turkish foods instead! Don’t know why all our clothes in black turned out purple in this photo though

20181017_214731 20181017_214746

Erlin looked so much like a princess like this. Unfortunately there were so many restrictions in Istanbul we didn’t get to shoot her in this look so I took them with my handphone camera instead to not waste all the time being dolled up.

20181018_150348_mr1539980835003 20181018_130735_mr1539981116893

Couldn’t resist taking photo in this famous light shop


Casual shoot in spice world


They said these sticks are vanilla and vanilla is getting very expensive nowadays so you seldom get to see real vanilla ice creams selling outside nowadays


We had turkish food for dinner again and Ben played around with his snow app

20181018_192626 20181018_192707 20181018_194006 IMG-20181018-WA0037 IMG-20181018-WA0038 IMG-20181018-WA0039 IMG-20181018-WA0040

Thanks Ben.

Created a classic braided side do to match her bird cage hair piece and dress

20181019_132406(0) 20181019_133748 20181019_135838

With the help of a passerby we got to come up to this roof top to shoot!


Instagram bf at work hehe


Came to this reputable Turkish restaurant for dinner

20181019_210100 20181019_210120

Must get these Turkish delights if you come. They are really nice!

20181020_065139 20181020_065206

The couple got each of us a box of stuffs. So sweet of them!

20181019_224512 20181019_224536

Requested braided updo



We were all pretty high to get to eat chinese food after days of kebabs!

20181020_213110 20181020_213141

The one and only ‘clup’ in the small town of Pamukkale


At cotton castle!

20181021_092114 20181021_090047

We all had to walk bare footed


Beautiful Erlin

20181021_103406 20181021_093435

Having chinese food is an additional joy here really although I really do enjoy Turkish food too


Created smokey eyes look for the next location


Sunset shot


We then took a 10 hours bus ride over to Cappadocia and look what we saw when we just reach in the morning





And even more in the sky when we reached the hotel


Hotel was very nice to let us to the breakfast buffet while we waited for our rooms to be ready


Real honey comb!


Dark chocolate magnum only saw here before. Not bad.


The next day. It was our turn.


Really thankful to the clients for having us all on board the hot air balloon for shoot!


20181023_072352 20181023_072941

MAKEUP_20181023193322_save_mh1540312425643 PhotoGrid_1540288097461_mh1540288113323 PhotoGrid_1540288351179_mh1540288381372

20181023_075717 20181023_075916

There was also drinks and certificates after we finished the hot air balloon ride!

20181023_081458 20181023_081829

And then we got picked up in this cool Ford cabriolet couple booked to come up for a shoot.

MAKEUP_20181023190214_save 20181023_171041

MAKEUP_20181023190248_save_mh1540310649992 20181023_165030

First time seeing Ben fly his drone in action. Proud moment.




First round of dinner was cup noodles woo! Brought along this chong qing mala one from SG trying it out for the first time and it is good!

20181023_182428 20181023_182436

We then went for a night shoot and then Ben,still craving for Macdonalds, got the taxi driver to drive us to Macs.


And so we had our 2nd dinner on top of where we were staying at! Don’t waste the nice place.

20181023_212227 20181023_212240 20181023_212315

At love valley


Half do created for Erlin today


Unexpectedly saw camels here and got to take photos with them too!


Ben gifted this 1 hour photoshoot at this beautiful place filled with Turkish carpets to the couple!

20181024_120325_mr1540394738120 20181024_121521 20181024_122240



Angus and Erlin stayed one night at the museum hotel and we did a photoshoot here too!

20181024_172437 20181024_172503(0)-01_mh1540394126942

Last few moments of the end of shoot.  Created a princess half do for Princess Erlin.


Last night farewell dinner and drinks!


Thank you so much Erlin and Angus for having us along this beautiful trip. You both were really fun to be with and thank you both for all the arrangements and for all the yummy meals too!

Thank You Daddy God for the good weather throughout all the times we shoot and for giving us the opportunity to see and be on the hot air balloons. The next few days had bad weather forecasts and all hot air balloon rides were cancelled. If we reached just 1 day later we wouldn’t even have the chance to be on it! Thank You so much for protecting us and for all good things and miracles in this trip!

Thank You! Hallelujah!!!