Dried Flowers Accessories Class!

Dried Flowers Accessories Class!

Dried Flowers Accessories Class!

Happy to have attended the dried flowers accessories class with the My Dream Wedding Make Up Artists team!

They are so funny and fun to be with. I love them already!!

Here’s a photo of us!


A table of dried flowers and more at another table!


Here’s some of the creations they did i love :

img-20170110-wa0015 img-20170110-wa0017 img-20170110-wa0018 img-20170110-wa0019 img-20170110-wa0025 img-20170110-wa0026 img-20170110-wa0027 img-20170110-wa0029 img-20170110-wa0030 img-20170110-wa0032 img-20170110-wa0036 img-20170110-wa0037

So pretty right!! Can you imagine these on bride’s head for their photoshoots or actual day to match their different colour gowns ooooohhhhhhhhhhh

Below is my own humble creations heh


Wonder when will i use these on which brides heh

Love this class so much I really look forward to attend every other classes they will be having in future!

And its so much more fun and encouraging doing things together with them!