Cheryl + Clement’s Pre Wedding Photoshoot

Cheryl + Clement’s Pre Wedding Photoshoot

Cheryl + Clement’s Pre Wedding Photoshoot

Really very thankful to have met the beautiful couple Cheryl, Clement, the photographer Edmund and not forgetting Cheryl’s sister too yesterday for the couple’s Pre Wedding Photoshoot!

It was really helpful that Cheryl did a photo chart of what she would be wearing at each location so that the planning of the looks and feels can all match better.

Today’s location was all chosen by the Hipster couple + 1 location by Edmund. All locations today were really interesting!

Alright, time to feed the eyes.. photos time! < Gotten permission to post the photos all taken by hp 🙂 >

1st look of the day!

goMeihuaTemp_mh1505232209770 goMeirongTemp_mr1505293889423

Cheryl’s 1st bouquet of the day from Wind Flowers Florist. Really pretty! They didn’t have the exact flowers that Cheryl wanted but still a really pretty bouquet!


1st location was skatepark at East Coast! This area they are taking photos in is really steep!


2nd location at this very hipster alley with the very hipster vespa!


A photo comparison of the hairstyle for her 2nd look before and after edit heh





Different photo I know.. but going for the dreamy pinky look heh

If anyone can be so kind to let me know which is better?

Next up!

Lunch break!

And then a slight touch up before the next shoot..

Bonus shots of the beautiful Cheryl

Really love her sunshine smile!

20170912_132238_mr1505294101259 20170912_132234_mr1505294149571

and then we continued around Pinnacle at Duxton and at the sky garden for the shoot


There was still time so we went to a location Edmund suggested

20170912_152835 20170912_153307

Woahhhh this location totally reminds me of fast and furious and all the movie scenarios with the illegal dealings. Just. So. Coolz!

And then it was time for the last change for the last location.

Again I wanna say thank you to Cheryl again for making the photo chart. Seeing the actual photo of the gown and the location on photo beforehand really made the planning of the look in advance so much better!

2nd bouquet of florals from Wind Florals Florist in the series of photos below

Thankful Cheryl had 2 bouquets for this shoot thus the unique exotic blooms from the 1st bouquet can be used on her hair too 🙂

Following with a series of photo spams.. hope you enjoy it 🙂

Photos taken right once the hairstyling is done


20170912_171524 20170912_171514 20170912_171507

Gorgeous bride!



20170912_181002 20170912_180928

IMG_20170913_153017_166 goMeirongTemp_mr1505291613636-01 goMeihuaTemp_mh1505294335211-02_mr150529554015820170912_180211_mr1505297242199

Despite the very hot sun this day, the day was still beautiful with these beautiful people 🙂

Ending this post with a group photo for today!

Screenshot_20170913-193739_mr1505302703656_mh1505302725203-01 (1)

Group photo grabbed from Edmund’s IG story hehe

Thankful and nice to meet all of you! 🙂

Oh yes, woke up to seeing this sweet message from Cheryl


I feel it is really thoughtful for brides to send messages like these to whomever had gave them the service from the heart. It really fuels us on. So thank you Cheryl! Thank You! 🙂