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Start of the 19 days Japan Marathon with 4 couples started with Ashlyn and Zongxi! Very thankful to PIC Benjamin for organizing everything. So glad to be able to revisit Kyoto and Osaka with them! First stop, Kyoto! Our first meal and my first meet up with them to discuss about tomorrow's shoot too! Very thankful for the lady at Wafuku that allows us to come in at 6am to dress the couple up so that we can still beat the crowds in the morning! Beautiful Ashlyn. Created a braided bun for her. Wefie at Fushimi Inari! Had Japanese carbonara for the first time and it is nice! Had my must have soy + matcha ice cream at this particular ice cream store near Arashiyama. Yummy! Shoot continues at the Arashiyama Bamboo Grove. Tried something new this trip. Sakura + Matcha ice cream. Not bad! Hairstyle for her night shoot. This pose Ben directed them to really has the feels. Can't wait to see the photo after he edits it! After the shoot we had dinner at our must eat place in Kyoto, CHOJIRO! Sakura season calls for sakura flakes on their chawanmushi haha   Next morning we came back this time round in gown. Hairstyle created for her this day. And then we had Ichiran! This is their order sheet where you can adjust the tastes and noodle's firmness to your liking. I suggest for your first try, circle all the options that has dotted lines to try their original best taste first then be more adventurous on your future tries to adjust to your liking. Moving on to Osaka! The couple recommended this melon pan and it was pretty good! Then it was time for don don donki! Night shoot at Dotonburi with the Glicoman! A photo of the beautiful couple and a behind the scenes photo for their long exposure shot. Had our must eat takoyaki and yakisoba from this particular shop. This was the last serving of yakisoba for the night. Thank God we managed to get it! We came to Shinsekai the next morning Created a mermaid textured hair for Ashlyn. The last time we came to Shinsekai with Audrey and Goh, Ben ordered a XXL sized omu rice. This time round just the normal one will do haha Final shoot location was at the Osaka castle. Thankful to see a nicely bloomed sakura tree here too! Celebrated the end of the shoot with nice food and drinks from

HALLELUJAH! Is the first word that can explain my feelings for this trip. Everything was great! Thankful to have Melvin, founder of Multifolds as my work partner on this trip for the lovely couple Adeline and Zhizhan! Boarding passes. My first time to UK woohoo! First time using pounds. We were very welcomed there by a hailstorm which did hurt a little lol! Our wefie amidst the hailstorm! Thankfully it only happened on this day. Hail on my bag! First stop, Chinatown. First meal wefie with dimsums. First day was chillax day. Checking Manchester out abit, eating and shopping abit and then heading over to England! Next morning, some behind the scenes taken by Zhizhan! First hairstyle for Adeline was mermaid braids! Taken at ambleside pier. Make up details today using the new urban decay naked reloaded palette. Loving the colours in this palette very much! This lake is really beautiful A wefie here! Some behind the scenes captured by Melvin haha! After here we went back to have the couple change to their casuals and then it was time for lunch! The egg cup is so cute! Lunch wefie! I remember feeling very blessed at this moment watching this moment. The couple is on the bridge by the way. Can you see? We were introduced to this famous gingerbread. I think the thing that makes England very England is all these bricks. Supposed to have a photoshoot at their proposal place, however due to the high tide we were not able to. Had a good thai food dinner that night. The white tomyum is so yummy! Never seen or tried before. More food coming up but didn't take photos. Next morning, asked for a wefie with Melvin with the nice natural lights! Feeling very thankful to have him as my work partner on this trip so must have a photo for memory heh. More to come hopefully! My big breakfast cooked by the very warm Air BnB couple. Breakfast wefie! We went back to their school where they met! My first time visiting an overseas University. So awesome. Wefie! This was taken while they were waiting to do their jump shots haha Adeline studied law here and is a lawyer now! Here is where Adeline stayed for a year. There were cherry blossoms sakura in their school compound too! Amazing! This is the bus stop Adeline used to wait for Zhizhan at. We then had tea and cakes at Adeline's favourite school hangout place Curiousitea! She ordered a special hot chocolate for me oh my goodness this is so sinful but so good. Thank you so much Adeline

Very thankful for the opportunity to discover the beautiful places in Chiangmai, all thanks to Jasmine and Lloyd for having Benjamin and I on this destination pre wedding shoot. On the first night we went to this hipster night place, had some food, drinks and even did some photoshoot here as well! Can you spot the couple in this photo? Haha And another behind the scenes. Our dinner and our first wefie! Ordered this super yummy but sinful crepe with banana, nutella and peanut butter! Created crown braids for Jasmine the next day. There is Sakuras in Chiangmai! And waterfalls Welcome drinks at the place we were staying for the night. They bought a photo shoot package from the place and this bouquet was part of the package. Pretty! And then we started exploring the place. Hipster feels is strong here. Night shoot. This place is really peaceful and beautiful. This really friendly doggy came along just right for the photoshoot haha! Dinner. We had ready food and also got to bbq. Next morning. Photography by Benjamin King   And then we went to another place with even more sakuras! Amazing! Had a night shoot as well and created a braided bun for Jasmine with the head accessory she brought along. We said goodbye to this lovely couple the next day while they continued on their trip. Really thankful for all the fun and beautiful memories at these lovely places in Chiang Mai. Thank you Lloyd and Jasmine! See you guys around!          

Really glad to come back Kyoto/Osaka for the last trip of this year as I fell in love with Kyoto after coming last month. It is an unexpectedly beautiful and quaint city in Japan. This time round with Audrey, Yonglai and Benjamin! On the first night, we had the guys' birthday dinner and Ben got his sushi cake surprise heh! 2nd year fulfilling his unusual request. Last year was a mcnuggets cake haha Screenshot_20181225-202658_Video Player_mh1545740877484 Next day, Audrey's before photo. Thank you for your permission to post! PhotoGrid_1544691628779_mh1544691641695 Here is Audrey's after MAKEUP_20181210231107_save_mr1544451494260 Went back to Wafuku to rent their exquisite kimono and yukata. First place to shoot at was Fushimi Inari Shrine. 20181210_080251(0) And then to the other famous spot, the Arashiyama Bamboo Grove 20181210_133807 Created a textured updo for Audrey. 20181210_095905 Had the best soy+matcha ice cream and they liked it too! 20181210_142551 We came back again the next day. This time round in gown. 20181211_072157 Created a textured halfdo for her.PhotoGrid_1544497127772_mh1544497145193 We travelled over to Osaka and had some time to shop. Received these gifts from Ben for Christmas. Thank you so much PIC!! Needed these things! 20181211_154615 Came Dotonbori and we had the mandatory shot with Glicoman! IMG-20181212-WA0028 Audrey loves takoyaki and we chanced upon a shop that sells really fluffy and delicious takoyakis. So yummy that our initial plan of having this as snack and then snack on other foods became us coming back to have the whole dinner 20181211_201305 20181211_201116 Next morning's shoot was at Shinsekai 20181212_085532 And then to the palace 20181212_105450 20181212_101822 20181212_112502_mr1544583501526 Beautiful Audrey 20181212_110535 Spent 2 hours dolling Audrey up to in the end rain thus the night shoot was cancelled. Not wanting to waste the efforts, took a crash camera course with Ben haha Taken at our rooms corridor MAKEUP_20181213020711_save_mh1544635194237_mr1544635714181 Next day, prepared Audrey for a casual shoot at Dotonbori. MAKEUP_20181213103700_save Below 2 photos taken by me as I recently bought a camera. Had always wanted to get 1 for work as I hoped to take better quality photos of my clients. Got the sony a7ii with f1.8 50mm lens recommended by Hannah. Hope to know how to better utilise this camera one day soon! LRM_EXPORT_178208220884260_20181228_171939509 LRM_EXPORT_178110808507291_20181228_171802097_mh1545988733867 Had these yummy grilled crab legs 20181212_195805 And then back to the takoyaki place for dinner! Look at this 20181212_201534 Wefie! IMG-20181212-WA0030 Next day we came to... 20181213_121138 Nara park! For the couple's final location. Shocked face when I felt the deer's victory in snatching over the paper on my hands! 20181213_121304 Thankful to get a wefie with a cute and gentle one. 20181213_121421 Came back to Shinsekei for our last dinner of the trip together and came into a food joint that sells things in XXL size! Nicely litted at night. 20181213_200810 The guys' XXL beers 20181213_202842 And then the XXL omu rice!! 20181213_203558 20181213_203830 Good job! 20181213_210449 And this marks an end to this fun pre wedding trip with this beautiful pair! Thank you so much Audrey and Yonglai for having Ben and I for this trip!

Starting this post this time of a wefie with a man I wanna thank for trusting me and allowing me to be on these trips for work. My hubby George. Love u! Thank you for always sending and fetching me from flights too. Really appreciate it. First time coming over to this part of Japan, Tokyo with the beautiful couple Yilin and Keith, together with Benjamin King Photography! Weather forecast on flight is cute! Japan's sim cards are more expensive compared to many other countries. Breakfast with the couple was conveyor belt sushi! What I had.   We went around to check out some places. Started the shoot at night. Yilin requested for thai make up with halfdo for tonight's shoot and this was created for her. Had the photoshoot at the famous Shibuya crossing   And then at the Izakaya where they had the photoshoot and our dinner at. Thank God for letting us have such a beautiful clear view of Fuji mountain. When our previous couple Jez and Josh came over themselves, they sent us a photo of the Fuji mountain view completely covered with clouds. Thus making me appreciate this moment and view even more. Photoshoot starts! Came over to the beautiful maple corridor too. Thankfully we came over early. When we drove past later part of the day, it was mad crowded and impossible to get a clear shot. They then got changed into their kimono and yukata and came back again for the photoshoot. Came to another amazingly nice spot for the photoshoot. We climbed a long way up for this. Photo taken by Ben Because it is strawberry mochi. I just had to try. A photo of the famous lamp in Tokyo. Can't remember what is this place called but this is one place alot of tourists come and take photos at. Last location for the photoshoot was at this Angel Heart crepe shop. Dinner time! And we feasted. This was the share of Ben and mine only. The couple had another feast on their side heh Drinking hot sake here was really good as I could keep heating up the sake over the grill area as it came in a kettle! Ended the trip with my favourite soba noodles the next morning and we flew back to Singapore while the couple continued their trip. Thank you Yilin and Keith for having Ben and I on this trip with you guys!

It was supposed to be summer during the time we were in New Zealand. Beautiful snow came to welcome us on the first day instead! Supposed to start shoot only at night but because of the snow, we started early suggested by Ben. A definite good call! Snow shots! Ben made us bacon and eggs for dinner And then we went out to try to catch photos of the couple with the milky way. The milky way was pretty faint this time due to the very strong moonlight They still took some shots and we came back the next morning Created a sweet and romantic halfdo for Huishi today. At Church Of The Good Shepherd And some shots with the snow cape mountains as the background We came over to Fairlie Bakehouse after the shoot. The BEST PIES are right here! Salmon and bacon pie ftw!! After pies we continued with the photoshoot Finally saw the beautiful lupines on this trip in NZ. They are actually so soft to touch and they all look so sweet in colours! Came to hooker valley for the middle of the road shot Dinner was Erik's fish and chips and we feasted! It is so good! Next morning, we came to #THATWANAKATREE They were going for the helicopter ride today and during the last round we went up the Coromandel Peak, the wind was so super strong that no matter the amount of adjustments or hairspray,  hair just kept flying so I made sure to give Huishi a neat updo this time round to avoid looking too messy. Got to seat at the front seat this time round! Weeeeet! And the shooting starts! A wefie with the heli! Changed gown and a new look for Huishi before we went into the woods for the next shoot. It finally felt like summer! So it was time for ice cream heh Pizzas to end the night! We had a casual shoot the next morning and this also marks an end to our magical photoshoot in New Zealand with this beautiful pair. Caught the movie Bohemian Rhapsody that night with Ben in Christchurch. This show inspired me so much so much so much beyond words. Really glad to receive this message from Huishi. Thank you so much for having Ben and I on this trip with you guys. Thank you both so much for being so sweet and great sports to be with. Miss the good times with you guys!

We came straight from Jeju to meet Jez and Josh at Osaka! Had alot of good food and fun during this trip so this post is gonna be pretty long with posts of food + work + food + fun + food entry! Thank you both so much for the super sumptious welcome dinner at Yakiniku M and thanks Josh for doing most of the BBQ-ing for us! The beef was really good. The pork rice is a must order here. We all loved it! Fresh wasabi on beef was life changing. After dinner it was time to shoot! Found a really nice side alley. And then the Glico man! This was the highlight for Jez to be here at Osaka for the shoot! As photographers themselves, Ben got the couple to pose while shooting too. After that, all three of them started looking out for photo opportunities to shoot while I just followed, looked around and totally enjoy being immersed in all the beautiful things around us. Next day While we were at the train station, this sweet lady approached us and asked where we came from and where were we heading to. She happened to be going to the same station so she leaded us to take the train which was the express train going straight to the stop we were heading to, brought us to the entrance of the place and even gave us a box of their famous red bean buns. She was really like an angel helping us when she could had just minded her own business. Bless her Lord! The box of really yummy red bean cake from the sweet angel. The first time I saw this place was on Daryl Aiden's instagram where he was flying midway reaching out for a book. It was this one photo of his that really stood out and left a very deep impression on me so to know that we were actually at this exact location, the surge of emotions in me was indescribable! Jez gave me full freedom in deciding the looks for her which I'm really thankful for. Created an urban chic look to match what she was wearing! And here is a photo Josh took. Photo taken from Jez's IG heh. Gorgeous! As Jez was quite sick and needed rest, she went back to rest shortly after the shoot while we went for dinner and chanced upon this place that sells tendon and the BEST beer. It was so good and

It was a really sweet trip with this pair. Witnessing the love between them and coming back to the place Andy proposed to Mutang. Gonna start this post with some foods worth mentioning first though. Heh. First time having bibimbap for in flight meal. Interesting! First meal in Korea was this spicy beef soup at the airport. It was so spicy my head was spinning. No kidding. But it was so good I finished everything while my head spun. The irony. And here is our 1st meal in Jeju! The pork slices on the plate was so unforgettably yummy! The mandus were really good too! We started fresh in the morning next day. A photo of mutang before make up. Thank you for the permission to post! Here's her after! Double dutch braided hairstyle requested by Mutang! A photo of the sweet couple with a willy wonker looking house behind which was actually a Cathedral before! A closer look of the adorable house! Then we came to a picturesque cafe. And here. First night dinner was at a black pork place the airbnb host recommended. The black pork here was so good! And the pumpkin salad too. It was so good we had at least 4 servings of it.   Next day we came to a place where the colors of the trees were starting to turn red. Such a pretty sight! Love red maple leaves S Caught our first sunset in Jeju and it was beautiful. The sky turned into candy colors shortly after. Second night, black pork dinner, again! Haha Requested look today! Love the natural rocks here. So I had to take a selfie too. Walked past this cute ice cream shop and we gave them a try. Really cute ice creams done on the spot with a slightly different taste to what we usually have. More refreshing in a way. Next location was this famous lone tree. Actually really surprised at how famous this tree is. Many couples travel by car to come here for photos and the stream of people never stopped when we were there. We came to the big lallang field and nearby were rows of foodvans! The peanut candy here really does resemble the one at Taiwan jiufen! This beancurd skin and the soup was so good. We had the photoshoot in this amazingly huge lalland field and Andy piggy backed Mutang all the way back to the car! Last location was where Andy proposed to Mutang and we got to

Very happy and thankful to be on this trip with Erlin, Angus and my partner in crime Benjamin! It was a very eye opening and enjoyable trip. Thank God! Couple arranged this transport for us to the hotel. Thank you! Beautiful plates Couple reserved to bring us to Salt bae restaurant on the first night but there were too many people waiting on reservations we didn't get to eat it. And so we had Turkish foods instead! Don't know why all our clothes in black turned out purple in this photo though Erlin looked so much like a princess like this. Unfortunately there were so many restrictions in Istanbul we didn't get to shoot her in this look so I took them with my handphone camera instead to not waste all the time being dolled up. Couldn't resist taking photo in this famous light shop Casual shoot in spice world They said these sticks are vanilla and vanilla is getting very expensive nowadays so you seldom get to see real vanilla ice creams selling outside nowadays We had turkish food for dinner again and Ben played around with his snow app Thanks Ben. Created a classic braided side do to match her bird cage hair piece and dress With the help of a passerby we got to come up to this roof top to shoot! Instagram bf at work hehe Came to this reputable Turkish restaurant for dinner Must get these Turkish delights if you come. They are really nice! The couple got each of us a box of stuffs. So sweet of them! Requested braided updo We were all pretty high to get to eat chinese food after days of kebabs! The one and only 'clup' in the small town of Pamukkale At cotton castle!   We all had to walk bare footed Beautiful Erlin Having chinese food is an additional joy here really although I really do enjoy Turkish food too Created smokey eyes look for the next location Sunset shot We then took a 10 hours bus ride over to Cappadocia and look what we saw when we just reach in the morning HOT AIR BALLOONS! And even more in the sky when we reached the hotel Hotel was very nice to let us to the breakfast buffet while we waited for our rooms to be ready Real honey comb! Dark chocolate magnum only saw here before. Not bad. The next day. It was our turn. Really thankful to the clients for having us all on board the hot

Thank you Sheryl for having me for your pre wedding and actual day and for your mom and sis too. It was my pleasure to meet all of you. There was so much emotions and love felt. Will start with the photos from her pre wedding first Photos beautifully captured by Daniel Yeow Fast forward few months later it was their big day! Very thankful that she gave me permission to post her before and after photos too! Here is 1 before and after side by side collage. Clean and elegant look for morning. Also did eyelid adjustments. A few photos of her textured + sleek 2 in 1 updo. Getting ready for Jerald's arrival.. Above are photos taken by me. Very thankful to Sheryl for sending over the professionally taken ones as requested and they were so beautifully taken by Eirik Tan! Love the mood and tone of the photos and the emotions captured. Well done Eirik! Sharing the beautiful photos here They can be viewed in the gallery as well And it was time for their Solemnization Love this photo Her daddy's proud moment Cheeky smiles You may kiss the bride! Congratulations both of you!! And not forgetting her beautiful mom and sister that I got to doll up that day too! Really appreciate that she took the extra step to choose and send me their photos too. Thank you so much Sheryl! Aren't they all so beautiful! Especially love the bonding between her sister and her. You both are really blessed to have each other as sisters! The 3 beautiful ladies together with their handsome partners. Believe her sis's fortunate one will be coming soon! Thank you once again Sheryl and Jerald for having me for your Special Occasions. It was my pleasure! Hope to have the chance to doll you up again in future, Sheryl! :) Wishing both of you and your families a lifetime filled with blessings, love, bliss, happiness, fun, good health, good times and protection always! Love, Tracy Immanuel