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We came straight from Jeju to meet Jez and Josh at Osaka! Had alot of good food and fun during this trip so this post is gonna be pretty long with posts of food + work + food + fun + food entry! Thank you both so much for the super sumptious welcome dinner at Yakiniku M and thanks Josh for doing most of the BBQ-ing for us! The beef was really good. The pork rice is a must order here. We all loved it! Fresh wasabi on beef was life changing. After dinner it was time to shoot! Found a really nice side alley. And then the Glico man! This was the highlight for Jez to be here at Osaka for the shoot! As photographers themselves, Ben got the couple to pose while shooting too. After that, all three of them started looking out for photo opportunities to shoot while I just followed, looked around and totally enjoy being immersed in all the beautiful things around us. Next day While we were at the train station, this sweet lady approached us and asked where we came from and where were we heading to. She happened to be going to the same station so she leaded us to take the train which was the express train going straight to the stop we were heading to, brought us to the entrance of the place and even gave us a box of their famous red bean buns. She was really like an angel helping us when she could had just minded her own business. Bless her Lord! The box of really yummy red bean cake from the sweet angel. The first time I saw this place was on Daryl Aiden's instagram where he was flying midway reaching out for a book. It was this one photo of his that really stood out and left a very deep impression on me so to know that we were actually at this exact location, the surge of emotions in me was indescribable! Jez gave me full freedom in deciding the looks for her which I'm really thankful for. Created an urban chic look to match what she was wearing! And here is a photo Josh took. Photo taken from Jez's IG heh. Gorgeous! As Jez was quite sick and needed rest, she went back to rest shortly after the shoot while we went for dinner and chanced upon this place that sells tendon and the BEST beer. It was so good and

Really thankful to be on this trip with the beautiful couple Brenda and Richard and the funny and talented photographer Ben. There is already edited photos from the trip so you can see both raw ( my hp ) and the professional photos ( by Ben ) Our 1st wefie of the trip! The car we travelled in. Thank you Ben for driving us around! Sheeps and cows were seen now and then at every other side of the roads. So cute! A whole mountain of sheeps! On the 1st night we went to The Church of The Good Shepherd to catch the milky way and Thank God we caught it! Ben caught a shooting star!! Make a wish Next morning we headed to the lake nearby the place we stayed at and started the photoshoot for the day Everything is so serene, so calm and beautiful. Came to this retro and interesting place Brenda's sister recommended! We were also brought to the back to meet some

This post comes a little late but thought it would be good to have a post to sum up 2017 Thankful to end this 2017 with 2 brides as well, Tricia and Yingshi Will start with Tricia first, followed by Yingshi and then a closing for 2017 Tricia before make up Tricia after she is made up Did eyelid adjustments for her as well which can be seen better when the before and after is put side by side For night, gave her a textured half up half down hair do Bride Yingshi Bride Yingshi is 1 beautiful and funny bride. She had this very funny vibe. Almost everything she said made me laugh even though she didn't meant it to be funny! She had her ROM this day with James held in the afternoon Before make up After Also did eyelid adjustments for her Gave her the airy textured braided half do and im glad she likes it :) 360 degree video of Yingshi She reminds me of the hongkong actress "Xiao Jie Ba" Gigi Lai from Gu Huo Zai " Young and Dangerous" Looking forward to see her in November again for her Actual day! ************************************************************************************************************ And now, ending this post with my thanksgiving and thoughts for 2017 I don't know how this will go. Will just let my thoughts flow. Firstly really All Praise to Daddy God. As my job is freelance, and counted new as a full time freelance as a make up artist, I must say I don't really have much contacts and I'm also not quite the PR person. I just let go and let God take care of everything and He truly did not disappoint. The calls, jobs, opportunities, agents, vendors, clients were overall overwhelming. Thank you Xiuli, Dollei, Jo, Mich, Adeline, CP, Ben for giving me the chance and opportunities and many many more I sincerely thank you and appreciate you all. There were many times everything was so tight but I enjoyed every moment, especially when it came to doing brides. I really enjoy most doing bridal make up, it is when I feel like I'm doing what I really love and fully enjoy every session compared to when doing productions but productions have their fun in them too. Never expected I would even come close to so many artists be it actors, actresses, DJs, models, behind the scenes people and all. Seeing how every scene is done, being able to know the real side of artists where most are really fun

Got to know Jolene in church as we serve in the same Visual Arts department in New Creation Church. Since years ago I have known her to be doing productions and am very thankful after I stepped into doing make up full time, she would sometimes have me over to help her too on her production jobs like Lion Moms 2 and Code of Law 4 Attended her wedding with the VA family and saw the Code of Law peeps there too! Some photos from that day 19 Nov 2017 The Beautiful Couple! And the other photos from the night! Had a good time at the wedding watching the videos, the food, the drinks and the company :) Attended Jorlene's wedding on Saturday and Jolene's wedding on Sunday and I really saw the other side of them. The them when they truly are themselves. The them when they are with the one they can truly be themselves infront of everyone because it was their night. The night when their partners are fully spontaneous showing their loves for each other because it is THEIR NIGHT! You know how many people are just reserved showing their loves for each other in front of others, like when you bring your partner out with you, you both wouldn't be like how you both would be like when it is just the 2 of you. And some times you feel odd when you are just yourself but when you are with your partner you just are another person. You both just gel together and do all the fun things together. So many times when I see a bride by herself she might be a little shy or reserved, but when their partners appear they just laugh so much and have so much fun together. The power of love is amazing. The power of love is real. Wishing everyone with the power of love always!❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤      

Glad to be the Hair + Make Up Artist for Francesca and Xavier's Pre Wedding shoot! 1st time working with Daniel Beh, 1st time coming to Coney Island for a Pre Wedding Shoot and this place is beautiful! Francesca had pretty short hair, really glad to still be able to recreate her requested side braid bun. The beautiful trees in Coney island! They brought along their cookie for the photoshoot too! Too cute! Their casual shoot was done here and they were really blessed to be able to avoid the lunch crowd even though we reached at lunch time! The crowd only came in after they were fully done with their photoshoot! Tidied up her hair and changed the florals to match what she was wearing The team for today! Francesca's sister and dad was great help for the day and thanks to the groom Xavier for the nice lunch for all of us :) Looking forward to see the photos and also for their coming Actual Day!

Thankful, Blessed and Honoured to be the MUA for Annabelle and her gugu who is also the sleeping partner of The Gown Warehouse for their Grand Opening in Dempsey! Will let the photos do the talking :) Did make up for the gorgeous boss Annbelle! :) Crystal blew her gorgeous hair! Also did hair + make up for this lady boss who is also Anabelle's gugu and The Gown Warehouse's sleeping partner. This family has the genes of really sweet faces and smiles! My teacher Christine was there too! To do make up on Eunice and the emcee! And my teacher too Crystal! Who was here to do their hair :) This is their changing room where we did their make up. These pastel comfy looking chairs are the chairs where clients get to sit on when they come into The Gown Warehouse. They look so pretty! The entrance of the shop. Everything is just so beautiful! Dessert table, drinks, burger sliders and canapes were served. Very nice! Joyful faces! Bosses with the MUAs! Made new friends! :) A photo with the Lady Bosses! Wishing The Gown Warehouse Prosperous Business with Great Customers and Partnerships Always! HUAT AH$$$$$$$$

Thankful and Blessed to be 1 of the hair + make up artist together with Crystal Er for The Gown Warehouse's collection shoot! Here is some behind the scene shots : After styling for the beautiful model A wefie with the beautiful model Crystal and me! Michel in action Crystal touching up for the model A change of hairstyle done by me Soft + edgy low ponytail Cute when off camera Professional at work heh The 2 beautiful models A group shot with the team! And here are some of my favourite ones : Thanks to The Gown Warehouse for this collaboration opportunity!      

It was really through fate to be Ying's Actual MUA and I'm really glad we met! Love this bubbly girl! This is the first time i'm doing a cross cultural bride! Ying marries Ganesh an indian thus in the morning she actually hired an indian MUA to do her hair and make up. This MUA even has her own line of make up i'm so impressed! So in this case, today's before and after would actually be a before ( indian make up) to after ( chinese make up ) Spot the difference! heh   Top is the indian make up Bottom is done by me! Yummy lunch bento from them as I wait to do her 2nd march in change thank you! :) Changed her hairstyle to a mermaid braid for her 2nd march in matching her mermaid gown! Ending this post with a photo of us. Nice to meet you Ying! Very happy for Ganesh and you! Wishing you a lifetime of love, wisdom, health, happiness and blissfulness with Ganesh! :)  

Happy to have attended the dried flowers accessories class with the My Dream Wedding Make Up Artists team! They are so funny and fun to be with. I love them already!! Here's a photo of us! A table of dried flowers and more at another table! Here's some of the creations they did i love : So pretty right!! Can you imagine these on bride's head for their photoshoots or actual day to match their different colour gowns ooooohhhhhhhhhhh Below is my own humble creations heh Wonder when will i use these on which brides heh Love this class so much I really look forward to attend every other classes they will be having in future! And its so much more fun and encouraging doing things together with them!    

Just 1 week after, came back to faber peaks again! This time round for Bride Lisa! Would highly recommend couples on either a budget or holding a banquet for 10 tables or just a little more to have their weddings here. Location is beautiful, set up is nice, service is good and prices are reasonable! Braided bun with fresh blooms for her! There was a holding/make up room just beside their ballroom which was pretty cool and convenient for changes of looks! Did hair and make up for Lisa's mother too! Here's a before : Here's an after! Lisa and her mother both preferred more natural looks :) Soon after doing Lisa mother's hair and make up, we proceeded to the solemnization place A picture with just the set up And a photo of them sharing their vows to become Husband and Wife :) Toilet here is really beautiful being able to see the views and cable cars! Couldn't resist taking a full length shot with the full length mirror and full length see through glass to the beautiful views! Lisa's 2nd look Wishing Lisa and Julien a lifetime of happiness and blessed marriage! :)