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Bride Yoko!


Yoko’s wedding was spread over 2 weekends and her whole wedding was a really fun one. Her husband really knows how to throw parties! It was party and party for this 2 weeks for them and their guests and friends and I believe even more parties to come!

She had ideas for her hairstyles and I just had to recreate them heh

The first time I met her, was for her tea ceremony. Her bridesmaids bought her a Peranakan kerbaya specially to surprise her hubby’s Peranakan family. So sweet!!

A side swept curled ponytail was requested

And this was created :

c360_2016-11-12-14-38-49-003 c360_2016-11-12-14-37-28-245

Pink roses provided by Digio totally matched her kerbaya. Sweeeeettt!!

2nd hairstyle was for her solemnization party at Clarke Quay and a high ponytail was requested so this was created :

c360_2016-11-14-02-49-09-175 c360_2016-11-14-02-48-11-741

Yoko’s hubby Sunny boy really loves dancing so Yoko told me they will be dancing salsa at the solemnization place woot!!

Fast forward one week later it was time for their dinner banquet!

Yoko requested for a high pouf to look retro for their retro theme

This photo was sent to me


And this was recreated


She was making japanese origami cranes when I was doing her hair. She asked my favourite colours and made this for me!


So sweet must take selfie with her and the crane heh


Thankful that there was time in between before her 3rd march in that i got to gather with people I love!


Loads of food, love and laughters! Gifts were given too and we especially loved this one!


A personalized photo book done by Lee Ing for each of us containing the photo memories of the times we had in Chiang Mai! Too sweeettt!!! Thank Jesus for each and everyone of them!

Came back for Yoko’s final styling and due to some delays I had to wait

While waiting I got to witness their 2nd march in from back stage and boy do they really know how to P A R T Y!!

c360_2016-11-20-01-06-52-343     c360_2016-11-20-01-06-19-355    c360_2016-11-20-01-07-16-099


So much joy watching them dance in with their brothers and sisters!

After the march in was done, I went back into the waiting room to wait. And while waiting, this happened

c360_2016-11-20-01-07-59-017c360_2016-11-20-01-04-30-205 heh

No words can describe how thankful I am to Daddy God for the paths he have opened and paved for me and I trust that much more better things in His plans are coming my way All Praises and Glory to Jesus Hallelujah Amen!!!

Once she was back to the make up room I prepared her up for her 3rd and final look which was for them to dance through the night! They still have an after party after their banquet!

She requested for a high pouf and let down curls and this was created :

c360_2016-11-20-01-38-47-025 c360_2016-11-20-01-01-52-292

Had so much fun dolling her up this 2 weekends and so happy to witness part of their really fun wedding with lots of shouts of Hallelujah Praise The Lord and Huat Ahs from the groom and guests! Hope to attend a wedding with as much fun or more soon!!

*** Received this message from her just last night! :


She is just soooooo sweet!

Daddy God bless their marriage to always be so sweet, cute, fun, loving and joyful!