Bride Om

Bride Om

Bride Om

My 1st bride of the year is Om! And she is also the first Thai I’m doing hair + make up for!

Om owned a hair salon in thailand and is now married over Singapore to Benny, my neighbour!

The way this appointment happened is so divine.

I tried uberpool for the 1st time for a make up appointment to my friend’s mom’s place which happened to be a landed property.

When I was still making payment, my friend’s mom walked out and asked, ” are you the person who is going to do my make up for me?’ thus the other uberpool passenger got to know that I’m a MUA and asked for my name card and contacted me for his Solemnization and this person happens to be my neighbour staying just 2 blocks away from me heh!

Trial and actual day make up was both done at my place. So convenient!

Here are some photos of the actual day :

Om before make up


After make up

myxj_20170105151143_save_mr1483600405597 myxj_20170105151644_save

I made a 360 degree video for the 1st time too!

Did basic hair + make up for the groom Benny as well.


Happy to know them and wishing them a lifetime of happiness, bliss, love, fun and joy always! 🙂