Bride Jean

Bride Jean

Bride Jean

Today’s the first time I followed a couple from My Dream Wedding for their outdoor photoshoot as the solo make up artist! so exciting haha

I followed and helped around the 1st round to learn the ropes and today, I was on my own! Thank God the couple and photographer were really nice people!

Photos for today :

Jean was wearing a really cute short pink dress for her 1st look so I suggested this really sweet and casual look for her


Took this photo of them using my hp during the photoshoot heh


Jean has this really pretty smile. When she smiles she really looks good enough to be an actress!

She actually loves updos so a tousled bun for her 2nd look

c360_2016-11-04-00-09-13-455 c360_2016-11-04-00-07-38-931

For her 3rd look it was in this siren red elegant ball gown so I gave her a more sexy look with volumized curls swept to the side


I seeked her permission to post her before and after photo on social media and she was really sweet to agree!

so I’ll end this post with her no make up face


Already a sweetie pie before make up is done! ^^