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Bride Alice 2 Oct 2016


My day started from 4am!

had 3 gorgeous ladies to doll up today 1 of which is Alice! The other 2 is on another post My 1st working experience with Make Up Entourage! 😀

Here is Alice. Already pretty without make up!  Really envy these naturally pretty ladies!!


Her mother and sisters were consistently checking on her and i envy the bond they all have together. She was telling me that she hopes to have all girls for her kids as well coz sisters can go shopping together, share clothes, make up and all. All in all i feel so happy for her that she and her sisters are all so close coz i only have a brother. Where is my clothes and make up sharing partner from youngggggg

She is so pretty to me but I don’t know if she knows it coz to me, Alice is really a very simple and nice girl when I converse with her. And a really fuss free bride! So hope all brides I met are all fuss free heh. ( I was a bridezilla myself then. Please don’t let me meet any me as my clients ok Jesus. God bless me )

Deng deng deng deng! Don’t expect too much of a difference on her since she is already so pretty


After photo taken at the hotel cause morning was a rush and had no time to take the after photo there!


Hair bun was requested for the 1st look and we added these pretty blooms into her pretty bun!

For her 2nd march in, she asked for a braided half up do and this was created :


Happy and blissful marriage to you and Jiahao always! 🙂