5 November 2016 Hot Date

5 November 2016 Hot Date

5 November 2016 Hot Date

The day started at 5.15 at Peixuan’s place.

I did her hair and make up for her solemnization too but didn’t blog about it so will post the photos here heh

Here’s a photo of Peixuan without any make up


Already a pretty babe before anything!

She requested for a natural look and when she showed me the photo of the hairstyle she wanted i smiled. it was a photo of a hairstyle done by my mentor!

Here’s the results :


And photos after she changed into her gown..


Left at 7.20am to go over to Mayu’s place.

Thankful that their places were quite nearby.

Here’s a photo of Mayu before make up


Already pretty before anything this japanese lady!

And here’s her after photos


Glad they loved this look 🙂

Reached rivervale at 9.30am to do hair + make up for this elegant lady

Didnt take any of her before photos

So here’s her after!


I did hair + make up for her for 2 days as her daughter, Eunice held her wedding over 2 days. 1 for church 1 for the wedding banquet and here’s a photo of her the next day heh


Gave her a messy bun I just learnt!

Was really nice chatting with her 🙂

Received this text from Eunice and im so so happy to read this 🙂


After that, it was time to go back to Holiday Inn Orchard Hotel for Peixuan’s first march in


She showed me photos of hairstyles from my teacher mentor Christine Chia too to recreate and we really loved this hair with the blooms and were both a little sad this would only last a little while as we were gonna do a hair change for her 2nd march in

Peixuan thought it would only be 2 hairstyles in total. The same for morning + before 1st march in but we are really glad that the 3 hairstyles she had in mind could all be done 🙂

And here’s Peixuan before her 2nd march in!


So gorgeous this sweet lady!

After this, it was time to leave to Mayu’s place for her 2nd make up at 3pm

When I heard from Mayu she was gonna wear a kimono, I drove around to find a florist after her trial  as I really wanted to get something to match her kimono. Really thankful I managed to find 1 at hougang mall. Got the slightly dried pink baby breaths from the florists + using some different blooms from the big bunch of dried flowers I took over from my mentor teacher sometime back, I made this :


And this is how it looks on Mayu’s hair!


Really glad that she loves this bouquet too!!

All dress up in her kimono. Her mother and aunties were all helping her to put it on. Interesting!



I also did hair + make up for the groom’s mom but forgotten to take a photo.

I recently took up another course specially to learn how to do men and mother’s hair with Crystal Er. Someone my mentor recommended to me whom had worked with mediacorp for many years and also one of her partners in The Style Atelier now too. And to be frank this is my first time blowing a mother’s hair. I always used curlers or straighteners to give them volume and I really wanted to take a photo of my work on her. Next time i must remember.

The day ended at 5.50pm still in time as they only needed to be ready  by 6pm.

Ending this post with a sweet text from Peixuan!!