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Ashlyn and Zongxi Kyoto/Osaka Pre Wedding

Start of the 19 days Japan Marathon with 4 couples started with Ashlyn and Zongxi!
Very thankful to PIC Benjamin for organizing everything.
So glad to be able to revisit Kyoto and Osaka with them!

First stop, Kyoto!

Our first meal and my first meet up with them to discuss about tomorrow’s shoot too!

Very thankful for the lady at Wafuku that allows us to come in at 6am to dress the couple up so that we can still beat the crowds in the morning!

Created a braided bun for beautiful Ashlyn.

Also had Japanese carbonara for the first time and it is nice!

Had my must have soy + matcha ice cream at this particular ice cream store near Arashiyama. Yummy!

Shoot continues at the Arashiyama Bamboo Grove.

Tried something new this trip. Sakura + Matcha ice cream. Not bad!

This pose Ben directed them to really has the feels. Can’t wait to see the photo after he edits it!

After the shoot we had dinner at our must eat place in Kyoto, CHOJIRO!

Sakura season calls for sakura flakes on their chawanmushi haha
Next morning we came back this time round in gown.

Hairstyle created for her this day.

And then we had Ichiran!

This is their order sheet where you can adjust the tastes and noodle’s firmness to your liking. I suggest for your first try, circle all the options that has dotted lines to try their original best taste first then be more adventurous on your future tries to adjust to your liking.
Moving on to Osaka!

The couple recommended this melon pan and it was pretty good!

Then it was time for don don donki!

Night shoot at Dotonburi with the Glicoman!

A photo of the beautiful couple and a behind the scenes photo for their long exposure shot.

Had our must eat takoyaki and yakisoba from this particular shop. This was the last serving of yakisoba for the night. Thank God we managed to get it!

We came to Shinsekai the next morning

Created a mermaid textured hair for Ashlyn.

The last time we came to Shinsekai with Audrey and Goh, Ben ordered a XXL sized omu rice. This time round just the normal one will do haha

Final shoot location was at the Osaka castle.
Thankful to see a nicely bloomed sakura tree here too!

Celebrated the end of the shoot with nice food and drinks from the couple and not forgetting…

Chicken McNuggetssss!
Ben’s must eat every Japan trip.
The McNuggets here still has the childhood taste only the 80s or earlier kids will understand haha!
Thank you Ashlyn and Zongxi for having and trusting us and being such fun travel mates too!

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