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Adeline and Zhizhan UK England Pre Wedding

HALLELUJAH! Is the first word that can explain my feelings for this trip.
Everything was great!
Thankful to have Melvin, founder of Multifolds as my work partner on this trip for the lovely couple Adeline and Zhizhan!
We were very welcomed there by a hailstorm which did hurt a little lol!
First stop, Chinatown.
First day was chillax day. Checking Manchester out abit, eating and shopping abit and then heading over to England!
Next morning, some behind the scenes taken by Zhizhan!
First hairstyle for Adeline was mermaid braids!
Make up details today using the new urban decay naked reloaded palette. Loving the colours in this palette very much!
After here we went back to have the couple change to their casuals and then it was time for lunch!
We were introduced to the famous gingerbread.
I think the thing that makes England very England is all the bricks.
Supposed to have a photoshoot at their proposal place, however due to the high tide we were not able to.
Had a good thai food dinner that night. The white tomyum is so yummy! Never seen or tried before. More food coming up but didn’t take photos.
Next morning, asked for a wefie with Melvin with the nice natural lights! Feeling very thankful to have him as my work partner on this trip so must have a photo for memory heh. More to come hopefully!
We then had tea and cakes at Adeline’s favourite school hangout place Curiousitea!
She ordered a special hot chocolate for me oh my goodness this is so sinful but so good. Thank you so much Adeline for this special cuppa full of happiness in every sip. I can still remember the taste of the maltesers in my mouth melting while drinking this. Too good.
And then it is time for… TESCO! Haha
Did both Adeline and Zhizhan’s hair + make up this 2 days!
Had burger kings to end the night! The burgers here are still big, beef patties still flame grilled.
On the way back I just had to take a photo of this controller which we can set for seat warmers on our passenger seats!
Next morning, it was time to leave for Melvin and I.
Melvin and I then had our supposedly last meal together in this trip before boarding.
However, we missed our connecting flight due to the delayed flight earlier so here we are on a 1 day tour in Dubai haha!
Met this really cool biker @itchybootstravel
She is a youtuber at itchyboots !
Shopped and chilled a little at Dubai mall
And then it was really time to go back SG. Really thankful that we managed to get the same night flights back especially because Melvin still had to rush back for his client the next day and because the delayed time was long enough, Emirates had to arrange a hotel room for each of us to wash up and rest giving us this opportunity to explore Dubai abit. Life is so full of surprises heeh!
Thank you Jesus for this opportunity to be in UK, England and Dubai with these awesome people and for protecting us and giving us good weather during the photoshoot Hallelujah!

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