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Jasmine and Lloyd Chiang Mai Pre Wedding

Very thankful for the opportunity to discover the beautiful places in Chiangmai, all thanks to Jasmine and Lloyd for having Benjamin and I on this destination pre wedding shoot.
On the first night we went to this hipster night place, had some food, drinks and even did some photoshoot here as well!
Can you spot the couple in this photo? Haha
And another behind the scenes.
Our dinner and our first wefie!
Ordered this super yummy but sinful crepe with banana, nutella and peanut butter!
Created crown braids for Jasmine the next day.
Screenshot_20190127-145932_Instagram_mh1548572419043 Screenshot_20190127-145940_Instagram_mh1548572426382
There is Sakuras in Chiangmai!
And waterfalls
Welcome drinks at the place we were staying for the night.
They bought a photo shoot package from the place and this bouquet was part of the package. Pretty!
And then we started exploring the place.
20190115_171846 20190115_171632
Hipster feels is strong here.
Night shoot. This place is really peaceful and beautiful.
This really friendly doggy came along just right for the photoshoot haha!
20190115_185351 DSC01227
Dinner. We had ready food and also got to bbq.
20190115_193358 20190115_195043 20190115_195241
Next morning.
Photography by Benjamin King
thumbnail_Screenshot_20190318-041059_Instagram_mh1552853804018 thumbnail_Screenshot_20190318-041106_Instagram_mh1552853789059 thumbnail_Screenshot_20190318-041113_Instagram_mh1552853777586 thumbnail_Screenshot_20190318-041123_Instagram_mh1552853767392
And then we went to another place with even more sakuras! Amazing!
DSC01294 DSC01302
Had a night shoot as well and created a braided bun for Jasmine with the head accessory she brought along.
We said goodbye to this lovely couple the next day while they continued on their trip.
Really thankful for all the fun and beautiful memories at these lovely places in Chiang Mai.
Thank you Lloyd and Jasmine! See you guys around!

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