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Thank you 2018. Welcome 2019.

First and foremost, I want to thank Daddy God for giving me a 2018 that is wild beyond my expectations.

This year I got to do more bridal jobs which I really love doing and will keep trying to improve in. Big Thank You to clients that chose and trusted me for your big day and all other events. Thank you for every trust, chance and opportunity given.

I also got to travel and experience many parts of the world for the first time this year because of work. Really want to thank Benjamin from Benjamin King Photography for giving me the opportunity to be working together on these trips and very thankful to have met many nice and fun clients whom turned friends on these trips to enjoy together too! Also super thankful for my always supportive and trustful husband to allow me on these trips and for letting me do what I love.

Looking forward to 2019 with an open heart. Always excited to see the good plans Daddy God have installed ahead!

Wishing everyone an amazing 2019 ahead with hopes and dreams realizing beyond your wildest dreams including me Amen!

Sharing some photos from 2018 to reminisce on

Screenshot_20171225-125706_mh1514177882757Rei & Waixin_48
IMG-20180319-WA0032 IMG-20180319-WA0016 IMG-20180320-WA0031 IMG-20180315-WA0036
IMG-20180413-WA0020 IMG-20180414-WA0022
IMG-20180520-WA0000 IMG-20180523-WA0021 IMG-20180523-WA0020 IMG-20180523-WA0022 Screenshot_20180503-011857_mh1525283340575MAKEUP_20180422051746_save
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T50A3472 T50A3606
CK&Elaine-525 CK&Elaine-245IMG-20180821-WA0052 20180820_174441
IMG-20181108-WA0001 IMG-20181108-WA0003
20181122_163428 Screenshot_20181228-210224_Instagram_mh1546002193080
LRM_EXPORT_178208220884260_20181228_171939509 LRM_EXPORT_178110808507291_20181228_171802097_mh1545988733867


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