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Yilin and Keith Tokyo Pre Wedding

Starting this post this time of a wefie with a man I wanna thank for trusting me and allowing me to be on these trips for work.

My hubby George. Love u!
Thank you for always sending and fetching me from flights too. Really appreciate it.
First time coming over to this part of Japan, Tokyo with the beautiful couple Yilin and Keith, together with Benjamin King Photography!
Weather forecast on flight is cute!

Japan’s sim cards are more expensive compared to many other countries.

Breakfast with the couple was conveyor belt sushi!

What I had.

We went around to check out some places.

Started the shoot at night.
Yilin requested for thai make up with halfdo for tonight’s shoot and this was created for her.

Had the photoshoot at the famous Shibuya crossing

And then at the Izakaya where they had the photoshoot and our dinner at.

Thank God for letting us have such a beautiful clear view of Fuji mountain. When our previous couple Jez and Josh came over themselves, they sent us a photo of the Fuji mountain view completely covered with clouds. Thus making

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me appreciate this moment and view even more.

Came over to the beautiful maple corridor too. Thankfully we came over early. When we drove past later part of the day, it was mad crowded and impossible to get a clear shot.

They then got changed into their kimono and yukata and came back again for the photoshoot.

Came to another amazingly nice spot for the photoshoot.
We climbed a long way up for this.
Because it is strawberry mochi. I just had to try.

A photo of the famous lamp in Tokyo. Can’t remember what is this place called but this is one place alot of tourists come and take photos at.

Last location for the photoshoot was at this Angel Heart crepe shop.

Dinner time!
And we feasted. This was the share of Ben and mine only. The couple had another feast on their side heh
Drinking hot sake here was really good as I could keep heating up the sake over the grill area as it came in a kettle!

Ended the trip with my favourite soba noodles the next morning and we flew back to Singapore while the couple continued their trip.

Thank you Yilin and Keith for having Ben and I on this trip with you guys!

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