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Jez and Josh Osaka/Kyoto Pre Wedding

We came straight from Jeju to meet Jez and Josh at Osaka!
Had alot of good food and fun during this trip so this post is gonna be pretty long with posts of food + work + food + fun + food entry!
Thank you both so much for the super sumptious welcome dinner at Yakiniku M and thanks Josh for doing most of the BBQ-ing for us!
The beef was really good.
The pork rice is a must order here. We all loved it!
Fresh wasabi on beef was life changing.
After dinner it was time to shoot!
Found a really nice side alley.
And then the Glico man! This was the highlight for Jez to be here at Osaka for the shoot!
As photographers themselves, Ben got the couple to pose while shooting too.
After that, all three of them started looking out for photo opportunities to shoot while I just followed, looked around and totally enjoy being immersed in all the beautiful things around us.
Next day
While we were at the train station, this sweet lady approached us and asked where we came from and where were we heading to.
She happened to be going to the same station so she leaded us to take the train which was the express train going straight to the stop we were heading to, brought us to the entrance of the place and even gave us a box of their famous red bean buns. She was really like an angel helping us when she could had just minded her own business. Bless her Lord!
The box of really yummy red bean cake from the sweet angel.
20181106_060827 20181106_060837
The first time I saw this place was on Daryl Aiden’s instagram where he was flying midway reaching out for a book. It was this one photo of his that really stood out and left a very deep impression on me so to know that we were actually at this exact location, the surge of emotions in me was indescribable!
Jez gave me full freedom in deciding the looks for her which I’m really thankful for.
Created an urban chic look to match what she was wearing!
20181104_115320 20181104_115335 20181104_115336 20181104_120051(0)
And here is a photo Josh took. Photo taken from Jez’s IG heh.
As Jez was quite sick and needed rest, she went back to rest shortly after the shoot while we went for dinner and chanced upon this place that sells tendon and the BEST beer. It was so good and smooth, there were even bits of ice during the first mouth!
Best beer ever!
Our tendons!
The reason we could had chanced upon this place was because Josh was searching for the best ramen for Jez. We took a long cab ride to find the ramen place to in the end see a long que that needed at least an hour’s wait thus we strolled down the lanes finding somewhere else to pack ramen for Jez. After being told that ramen was not an item that can be packed, Josh with his head set out to get ramen for Jez still continued asking store by store until he knew there was no way he could pack ramen then he finally got other food. The power of love between this two is really strong. Sweet!
Usually I would ask for 2 hours for every morning’s hair + make up but because Jez was sick and Josh wanted her to have more rest, he asked if an hour was possible instead. It was a really sweet request for Jez from Josh and I just had to try my best to let her have more needed rest. Pretty sure it could had been a better job done if more time was given though heh.. Still, very thankful that she was pretty easy to doll up and the hair + make up was created within an hour for her 🙂
A photo taken from Jez’s IG account of her getting ready in the Kimono.
We came to the Arashiyama bamboo grove after getting the couple dressed up in their Kimono and Yukata.
Ben asked me to do a very defined lip for Jez as he wanted to take a photo of just the lips. Never would had expected the photo to turn out like this :
All of us loved it including the owner of the kimono shop. She is currently using this photo as her shop’s facebook cover photo and Jez is using this as her IG profile photo too even though she has a prettier face.
Proud moment of and for my Partner In Crime!
Some of Jez’s solo shots.
20181105_093455 20181105_093501
Best soy and matcha ice cream ever! The soy was made fresh at the shop and the matcha was the real type not creamy milky type. Really glad we had this!
Walked pass Miffy in Kimono!
And saw Miffy buns!
Went to a few more nice locations to shoot and here is a photo of the high bun created for Jez today within the very short timing.
Ben was a boatman today as he wanted to use this boat for their shoot
And here is a photo taken by Josh!
In this trip, Ben really had to find time to have his shots while they had theirs too haha
And then it was.. Dinner time!
This place was recommended by the person working at the kimono shop and we all had 1 Gion set each.
20181105_174153 20181105_174406 20181105_175835 20181105_180243 20181105_181506 20181105_182338 20181105_183048 20181105_183617 20181105_183645 20181105_184539 20181105_190233 20181105_192124
Interesting dishes.
Saw someone bringing some maple tree stems with some really beautiful red maple leaves. I love red maple leafs so asked if we could have 2.
Next day, we went to Fukumi Inari Shrine
20181106_07075520181106_075045 20181106_075127
20181106_073324 20181106_073905
Then it was lunch time! We had decided to have Mcdonald’s but saw a sweet old lady tending to this store thus with the heart of wanting to support, we had 2 lunches today!
Changed into casual outfit thus a change of hairstyle too.
Shooting starts!
We miraculously saw a geisha in the day for us to take photos of!
After reading up more about them then realized that this lady actually paid to be made up as one and to be taken photos of.
This is now in 1 of my life’s to do list. To be dressed up as a geisha and have my own album of being a Geisha heh
Seriously fascinated by their secrecy and charm!
We saw this pagoda
And this cute little girl!
Next location was somewhere far out and we took a long taxi ride up to this
3 of them absolutely loved it!
Modified her hairstyle abit and took a quick snap.
And the shooting starts!
Behind the scenes when shooting ends hahaha
Group photo! And then 3 of them continued shooting while I went around to explore the places around
Since they liked the place so much. I thought I should show some appreciation to the place by taking a selfie here too.
Bought this corn soup at a vending machine nearby and it was hot! They do have hot and cold drinks in their dispensers!
There was a little fountain around
With lamps with maple leafs on it
And a river filled with these individually designed lamps all candle lit. The effort Japanese have is really Woah.
20181106_174629 20181106_174858
We took a train back and halfway through the journey, lights went out because they wanted us to enjoy the lighted  up maple trees scenery they prepared for us on the way! Gosh! After the lighted area ended lights on the train came back up again. *Impressed*
We then took another train to our dinner area and came to an empty cabin!
And we took a Team Pic.
Felt more like a team with them than like at work. They were really awesome to be with!
They always googled for good food to have our meals at and this sushi place they found was just amazing
20181106_200449 20181106_200356 20181106_200348 20181106_200149 20181106_200054
This plate of blue fin tuna sashimi consisting of otoro, chutoro and the normal tuna and minced tuna cost……………………………
We had 4 plates of this because it was too good and too worth it.
Never was a tuna sashimi fan but this changed my life.
First time seeing a fried maple leaf!
Wefie time!
Jez orders hot sake while the rest of us drink beer usually but after trying 1 mouth of Jez’s hot sake, my life changed again. I know I used this life changing phrase too often in this post but these really are life changing!!
Hot sake is soooo goood! So different from normal sake. I don’t even like normal sake but this, everyone needs to try at least once if you have the chance to.
We then split ways and I got to WEFIE WITH 3 GEISHAS IN GOOD ENOUGH LIGHTINGS HALLELUJAH! Too excited I know but to be able to see a geisha is hard, to be able to spot them not scurrying is hard, to not see them in the dark is hard so what kind of chances is this to not be so excited?!
Spot the one in light blue looking into my camera too heeh
Geishas standing and smiling widely!
The 3 of them caught really good shots of Geishas with their pro cameras.
Normal hp camera user’s joy above, Pro camera people’s joy below
IMG-20181108-WA0003 IMG-20181108-WA0002IMG-20181108-WA0001 IMG-20181108-WA0000
Super nice!
While they had their Geisha hunting night on the 3rd night, they let me off to shop woo!
Came back to meet them for dinner and spotted 1 more so I tried again with my hp camera
And this was taken by Jez of the same Geisha.
Breakfast was at Ichiran!
20181107_09165520181107_092057 20181107_093042
20181107_093332 20181107_093342 20181107_093356
And then this happened
20181107_103912 20181107_103656
We then went to Nishiki market for them to take some nice photos and check out the place.
Saw Snoopy’s relatives!
We had one big ass oyster each!
20181107_151306 20181107_151450
And came to an owl cafe!
20181107_155931 20181107_162744 20181107_162913
Talking about owl cafe. We all actually left ‘home’ without a place in mind. So we decided on going to an owl cafe. Ben googled and we took a cab to an owl cafe to find a cafe that is called owl cafe with NO owls! Haha
Thankfully we still managed to visit one.
And there’s squirrel that could be fed here too.
Too cute!
20181107_161555 20181107_161806 20181107_161853 20181107_161900
We came back for dinner again to feast!
20181107_213118 20181107_213403 20181107_214553 20181107_214955 20181107_215225 20181107_215240 20181107_21523420181107_214627
Shared the sakura liquor I got at Nishiki market with Jez on our last night and this is not bad!
It was time to come home the next day while Jez and Josh continued their trip to Tokyo!
Saw this on Jez’s IG story
And then receiving this msg meant so much.
Feel so blessed and happy to be on this journey with them !
Thank you so much again Jez and Josh for having Ben and me! Thank you both for being such awesome clients/friends/travel mates/foodies/fun!
Looking forward to seeing you guys again!

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