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Mutang + Andy Jeju Pre Wedding

It was a really sweet trip with this pair. Witnessing the love between them and coming back to the place Andy proposed to Mutang.
Gonna start this post with some foods worth mentioning first though. Heh.
First time having bibimbap for in flight meal. Interesting!
First meal in Korea was this spicy beef soup at the airport.
It was so spicy my head was spinning. No kidding. But it was so good I finished everything while my head spun. The irony.
And here is our 1st meal in Jeju!
The pork slices on the plate was so unforgettably yummy! The mandus were really good too!
We started fresh in the morning next day.
A photo of mutang before make up. Thank you for the permission to post!
Here’s her after!
Double dutch braided hairstyle requested by Mutang!
20181031_09062420181031_075358 20181031_071607
A photo of the sweet couple with a willy wonker looking house behind which was actually a Cathedral before!
A closer look of the adorable house!
Then we came to a picturesque cafe.
20181031_124716 20181031_123927 20181031_123254
And here.
First night dinner was at a black pork place the airbnb host recommended.
The black pork here was so good! And the pumpkin salad too. It was so good we had at least 4 servings of it.
20181031_181616 20181031_181822  20181031_184854 20181031_185602
Next day we came to a place where the colors of the trees were starting to turn red. Such a pretty sight!
thumbnail_20181101_111523 thumbnail_20181101_111524 thumbnail_20181101_111530
Love red maple leaves
Caught our first sunset in Jeju and it was beautiful.
20181101_171416 20181101_174259
The sky turned into candy colors shortly after.
Second night, black pork dinner, again! Haha
Requested look today!
20181102_092305 20181102_092326 20181102_092340 20181102_102551 20181102_102558
Love the natural rocks here.
So I had to take a selfie too.
Walked past this cute ice cream shop and we gave them a try. Really cute ice creams done on the spot with a slightly different taste to what we usually have. More refreshing in a way.
20181102_121856 20181102_121932
Next location was this famous lone tree.
Actually really surprised at how famous this tree is. Many couples travel by car to come here for photos and the stream of people never stopped when we were there.
We came to the big lallang field and nearby were rows of foodvans!
20181102_144349 20181102_145311 20181102_150534
The peanut candy here really does resemble the one at Taiwan jiufen!
This beancurd skin and the soup was so good.
We had the photoshoot in this amazingly huge lalland field and Andy piggy backed Mutang all the way back to the car!
Last location was where Andy proposed to Mutang and we got to see another really beautiful sunset here.
We had black pork dinner again haha to end our last dinner in Jeju. It was the place they had their dinner at after the proposal last year so it meant alot more to the couple 🙂
20181102_194304 20181102_193727
It was a short but really sweet trip with this couple.
Wishing for their love to always be so fresh, so loving  and so sweet always!

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