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Domenica + Weihao Hokkaido Sapporo Pre Wedding Shoot

First ever trip to Japan, and it is for work!
Really thankful for this opportunity to enjoy and explore this beautiful place through work.20180710_223014
Thankful and happy that the hotel the couple booked was in the midst of so much shopping, nice foods, don don donki, family mart, 7-11 and the best ramen I’ve ever tried.
In case you’re wondering where
We were at Hotel Sunroute, New Sapporo.
First proper meal there was steak and it was really good!
So much feels looking at the streets all lit up at night.
Kong Ramen for supper was the best choice. So glad we ate this instead of Ippudo which was just opposite each other. The best ramen and chashu is right here. They cooked the soup using woks and the chashus were charred on the skin and the meat was cooked just right with shiok fatty parts!
The next morning we started make up around 5am and the sun was already shining brightly like 9am!
Added on real hair extensions for Domenica to recreate the look she wanted 🙂
First location was Ninja land! Very interesting place!
Saw this peaceful looking goat
A sweet couple pose
The artistic hipster feels pose
Lunch time!
20180712_122659 20180712_122706
The owner of the shop gave the couple a bowl filled with tempura prawns saying that it is a wedding gift for them. It was so sweet.
When the couple asked the sweet man for a photo together I could see tears welling up in his eyes.
Gestures can mean so much to one another.
Keep the kindness going, always!
Side view of Domenica’s hair for the day!
Made a lucky find in 1 of the destinations they wanted to go to.
There was a jetty in the middle of the sea which was unexpected and the place looked so picturesque!
Also came to a place which looked so much like the Louvre Museum in Paris!
Last location for the day was the teletubby land!
Photo credits : Shawn / Frenchtoast
And then it was time for dinner.
Back for the best ramen! In a bigger serving this time round.
Missing this Ramen so much now.
Always love trying different country’s yakult and this is the first time trying a sparkling type! It’s nice!
Domenica told me horse oil is highly raved here so I got myself 1  bottle and it is pretty good! Not oily at all, moisturizing and aborbs fast! 485ml for approximately $8!
Just a reminder to keep this separately in 1 plastic when you check this in the luggage. Or only just open this for use when you are back in SG as quite abit of lotion came out when I unpacked.
Guess it was because of the airplane pressure.
Next day we went to the blue pond.
It was drizzling but it didn’t stop us!
They were checking photos on instagram’s tagged photos of the next location the day before to check how the flowers were blooming and they weren’t in full bloom.
I think the drizzle helped to open up more flowers at our next location when we went today!
First time trying lavendar ice cream!
A ladybug flew onto Domenica’s hair which looked totally Japanese and cute so we left it there for quite awhile hahaha
20180713_122327 20180713_122329
We had Japanese army stew for lunch in a cosy place and it was really tasty and nice!
Domenica was telling us how life changing these melons were and man these melons were really good!
At Farm Tomiya!
Taking photo of somebody taking photo of somebody
Wefie at this beautiful place!
Textured Japanese airy textured ponytail for Domenica’s casual shoot!
20180713_170625 20180713_170342
Had 1 more lavendar ice cream here! Its Yummy!
A photo with the pine tree
Doing jump shots in the midst of the beautiful floras
Last location for the shoot was at ningle terrace
It’s so beautiful here
Every hut is a little shop selling unique and exquisite trinkets and beautiful stuffs
A heart shape made with leaves well maintained by the people there
We had dinner at Kumagera for their miso nabe and we all tried bear meat for the first time too!
Hokkaido potatos that melt in the mouth. The taste is pretty normal but the texture was really mashy in the mouth!
The yummy miso nabe
Group photo!
It was our last meal together in Japan and it was time to head home for Shawn and I the next day while the couple continued the trip with their family.
Bought a hello kitty tokyo banana at tokyo airport during transit!
Also bought another cle de peau concealer
The Japan packaging on the left for the concealer is so much prettier.
Also their shades are labelled differently!
I always order tomato juice on plane rides and this is the first time it was being served with a clean slice of lemon. The effort!
Japanese rice crackers for snacks is nice too.
Thanked the couple and reported our safety upon touching down.
Really happy to receive these messages from the couple!
Thank God for the wonderful trip with this sweet couple.
Really thankful to the couple for the amazing experiences and also for the yummy foods.
Thank you Shawn for helping me with my luggage up and down staircases.
Looking forward to see the beautiful photos!
Till we meet again!
Tracy Immanuel

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