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Charlotte and Chester’s New Zealand Pre Wedding

Truely thankful to be able to come back to this amazing place again. This time with the beautiful, funny and fun couple Charlotte and Chester and the awesome Photographer Benjamin King!
1st place we checked out upon reaching is The Church Of  The Good Shepherd.
Day and night feels so different!
Then we went back to rest while waiting for the milky way and Ben cooked us yummy dinner.
Thankful that the Milky Way did come up and we enjoyed a night full of stars. The milky way was a long bow this time round like a rainbow. Couldn’t stop looking up and at times you could even catch shooting stars!
Wonderfully captured by Benjamin King Photography
Next morning we started early. Here is a photo of Charlotte before make up. Have always believed in fate in meeting every client and I’m really honoured to be the 1st make up artist to do make up for Charlotte as they actually already have their local pre wedding and actual day make up artists booked but because this New Zealand pre wedding was decided very last minute, I became her first make up artist!
Here is the after
Beautiful Charlotte 🙂
20180520_084828 20180520_100443
Ben randomly took a rock to hold onto the veil and it turned out to be a perfectly shaped heart stone!
Things photographer do to get a good angle for photos
Came back to see the alpacas!!
There was this beautiful shop cat!
Dinner was Erik’s fish and chips and the new best onion rings is right here!
Breakfast time!
Created a pull through crown braid for the 1st time. When I saw this gown Charlotte had from whatsapp before the trip, planned this hairstyle for her for this gown and so glad she pulled it off so well because this hairstyle really doesn’t just suit anybody.
Some beautiful sun rise shots
20180521_082206 20180521_083441
Love this photo taken by Ben
Chester gave this photo nice tags #chunlibride #guazilian haha
And then we walked over this spot and Ben got to capture this. Thanks to the rain yesterday!
Super love this shot!
And then it was time for brunch
Came over this place for some casual shoots
20180521_115629 20180521_121657 20180521_121707
They are too sweet!!
There was a surprise proposal coming up but it was still hours away. Ben was really lost with what to do with so much time in between and the situation was really funny just finding random places to shoot and thinking how to waste all the hours haha. Really Kudos to Ben for doing all he can!
And then the beginning of the surprise started.
On a side note, Multifolds were in this photo too with their couple coming out from the helicopter we were gonna board!
Wefie time!
And 1 altogether with the helicopter!
Amazing views
Taking some mandatory shots when Charlotte was still without a clue.
20180521_152727 20180521_152708
And then it happend!!
20180521_152913 20180521_152926 20180521_152935
20180521_152951 20180521_152958
So happy for this 2. They are really so cute and sweet together!
A photo from Benjamin to re-live and capture down this moment for the couple.
Celebratory dinner tonight with ferg burgers, chips and lamb!
The next day’s weather forecast was a full day of rain so it was our day off.
Yummy brunch to start the day!
20180522_133456 20180522_133502
Watched deadpool 2 and it was good!
After movie, rain stopped and we proceeded for night shoot!
Created a Japanese textured Ponytail for Charlotte that night.
More Patagonia ice creams in the cold! Woot
20180522_201617 20180522_201844
We ate while Ben was looking for spots to shoot. He often goes ahead himself out in the cold to look for spots to shoot or wait for the correct moments before messaging us to come out of the car. Really thankful for that because it was really cold!
Kfc for dinner!
Created a Japanese airy textured hairdo for Charlotte on the last day of shoot.
Last night Chester asked me what hairstyle was it, I told him it was a japanese textured ponytail.
Today he asked again and before I answered he asked is it a Paris hairstyle? Haha
So he gave me these hashtags on this hairstyle for instagram #parisjapanesehairstyle #paris #tokyo which I didn’t dare to post it up hahaha
This funny guy is surely gonna bring Charlotte so much laughters and joy for the rest of their lives!
MAKEUP_20180523205823_save_mh1527065940173 20180523_082938 20180523_082950\
She looks like a japanese doll!
Came to another spot for some shots and then it started snowing!
The snow was young snow Ben said, thus the photo couldn’t capture it.
It was my first snow! First time seeing snow falling down from the sky! Always hoped this moment would be with my husband but it happened with this special bunch. Which was great too 🙂
This few days of being together, really enjoyed the time spent with them. They are all so nice, fun and funny to be with! Thank God! 🙂
We saw a rainbow and we could almost see where it ended this is so amazing!
We didn’t get to see the pot of gold though..
Came to Mdm Woo for some chinese food.
20180523_121418 20180523_124058
The chinese food here were mostly very salty.
Time flies and this was our last meal together for the trip..
Received this really sweet message from Charlotte and my heart melted.
And then the guys started talking too
Really Thank God for letting us meet such nice, funny and fun to be with couple clients! It was a trip filled with so much fun and laughters with them!
And then at the airport when I came back from a quick massage chair session I saw Ben’s post.
Got mad at him when reading the ‘I don’t blame you for unglamourously falling asleep’ part then he asked me to continue reading and I really didn’t know how to react that moment.
But after re-reading this a few more times.. To be honest, I’m very touched.
Thank you Ben once again for always taking such good care of everyone and for always being selfless putting everyone above yourself. Thank you for driving us such long hours from destination  to destination when you yourself needed the most energy to work on the shoots. Thank you for always being so comfortable to be with that all of us can always just be at ease and be ourselves with you around. Thank you so much for allowing me to partner with you on the destination prewedding shoots. Thank you for all your amazing works. Thank you, my partner in crime, Benjamin K Siew. I Thank God for you!

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