Tracy Im

Josephine and Ivan’s Wedding Day!

Glad to be Josephine and Ivan’s make up artist for their Big Day!
Met Josephine during our teenage years as ZA promoters in Watsons haha and we also travelled together few years back
During that trip was the time I realized how amazing this woman is. Very resourceful, organised and meticulous. It was also during this trip when she was still considering Ivan and I met Ivan for the 1st time when he came to pick her backĀ  from the trip.
Fast forward few years later they are now married. Really really happy for them because I could really feel that they are God’s planned partners for each other. Ivan changed alot through Josephine and he never fails to thank and credit her and God through his actions and facebook posts heh. Josephine is really a very all rounded woman. A rare gem. Really must treasure her!
We started the day at 6am
Here’s a photo of Josephine before make up
She was sick this day. Really hope she will get well soon!
Photo + Video taking of her taking her gown before changing
Here is a photo after make up + change up
Did a braided bun for her
The accessory from the photographer was really suitable for her Kua! So cute, nice and apt!
The sweet family moment
Waiting for her groom!
Here he comes!
Went back to meet them at One Degree 15 in the afternoon for their evening look
Did hairstyling for Ivan
Here is a before photo
And mermaid hair was done for Josephine’s 2nd look
Sometimes I really cannot decide whether a hairstyle looks better without flower arrangements or with so sometimes I also take a before and after flower arrangement hair photo heh
Attended their solemnization
Congratulations Mr and Mrs Ivan Lim and family!
20180204_183259_mr1517853950403-01 20180204_183940_mh1517851310100 20180204_184008_mh1517851274984
Attended her wedding with my dear husby!
Changed her hairstyle to a half up half down for her 2nd march in
Hair florals were provided by her florist friend who was very generous with the flowers!
Put on her favourite Hydrangeas and it was in blue just right to match her gown!
And a photo together to end the post
Wishing Josephine and Ivan a lifetime filled with Blessings, bliss, love, fun, good health and wealth, joy and exciting adventures ahead!

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