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Kelly’s Bridal Wedding Show + Sylvia

Both events happened on 27/1/18 thus putting them in 1 post
The day started at 7am at Sylvia’s home. Thank you Michelle for introducing me to her! 🙂
Really thankful when she told me that she had been looking around for a make up artist and was recommended a few but she just felt more comfortable to have me as her make up artist and we came to a conclusion that it was God led 🙂
Did a soft bun for her in the morning
After this went to doll up Chyenne for Kelly’s bridal show!
Big Congratulations to Kelly for this bridal show showcasing her gowns.
All these are happening when she is pregnant and almost going to pop in 2weeks. Amazing woman!
Some photos behind the scenes!
The pretty model Chyenne I dolled up for the show!
She really reminds me of a much more petite and young Rihanna!
Direction : Free spirited and independent women yet a soft side for love
Thus a romantic hairdo was created for her
Wefie with Chyenne
And photos taken with my favourite 2!
20180127_141534-01_mh1517067096399 20180127_141538-01_mh1517067230058
Happy to be doing this alongside Ivy too!
In this photo we hugged like long lost sisters just because the earlier photo showed a white spot in between us which was the background haha
And a group photo with all the make up artists present and all the models!
1st time working alongside Nicole and the team from Make Up Maestro!
And the show starts!
A short video showing how beautiful the location of the wedding show was and also 1 of the many beautiful gowns designed by Kelly!

Flowers for Kelly from 1 of the vendors present, Liz Florals!
Very colourful and pretty!
After the show ended, went back to do Sylvia’s 2nd look for the night!
20180127_172733-01_mh1517072491858 20180127_172843_mh1517072230319
And the night ended with dinner at in law’s place
Simple dishes but so Yummy! Love my mother in law much! She’s also an amazing woman 🙂

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