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Isabel and Daniel’s Wedding Day!

Isabel is truly the purest bride I’ve met. A very sweet and very nice girl.
Very beautiful in and out.
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Here’s Isabel before make up
Already very beautiful to start with
Gonna do a photo reference VS end result again for heh
Here are the preferred hairstyle photo references she sent
IMG-20171021-WA0011 IMG-20171123-WA0041
Both by my teacher mentor Christine Chia!
And here is my inspired version heh
Isabel has really beautiful and thick hair thus the bun came out much bigger heh
20171125_092719_mh1511622319023 20171125_092723 20171125_092728(0)
Loving the flowers provided by her florists too for her hair!
And off she goes for her church wedding
Came back in the afternoon to prepare her for her tea ceremony and 1st march in
1st in Kebaya for tea ceremony
She looks so beautiful and radiant in her Kebaya!
IMG_20171126_134601_275 IMG-20171125-WA0014
Here is the requested pinterest hair for her 2nd look
And the inspired after by me..
Didn’t manage to take more good photos of this hairstyle but Thank God for Insta-story which captured the looks of the overall hairstyle much better. Video below

Wanted to have dinner at Wasabiteh but ended up having dinner at standing sushi bar while waiting to touch her up before her 1st March In since it was nearby.
No regretsssss
Their pidan tofu was soooooooo goooooodddddd
Their aburi salmon roll was good too!
Now.. back to Isabel!
I really love her gown.
She looks so good in it and the gown looks so good on her!
Designed by Adora of Z Wedding
This is so beautiful be it the design, the material used and… the Bride!
Scroll more to see her gown
Major love!
Isabel also had a change for her 2nd March In
Hair requested was also from Pinterest
And here was what is created.
20171125_211052-01 goMeihuaTemp_mh1511772530107-01
During trial we realized the fringe comb back look looks better on her so on her final look this was done too.
Very thankful to be this Beautiful Bride’s Hair + Make Up Artist and to know her and her good friend Jessy! Who was always there for her and always being so warm and funny!
Wishing Isabel and Daniel loads of blessings, love, fun, adventures, good health and many healthy babies! 🙂

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