Tracy Im

Bride Ying!

It was really through fate to be Ying’s Actual MUA and I’m really glad we met!
Love this bubbly girl!
This is the first time i’m doing a cross cultural bride!
Ying marries Ganesh an indian thus in the morning she actually hired an indian MUA to do her hair and make up. This MUA even has her own line of make up i’m so impressed!
So in this case, today’s before and after would actually be a before ( indian make up) to after ( chinese make up )
Spot the difference! heh
Top is the indian make up
Bottom is done by me!
Yummy lunch bento from them as I wait to do her 2nd march in change thank you! 🙂
Changed her hairstyle to a mermaid braid for her 2nd march in matching her mermaid gown!
Ending this post with a photo of us.
Nice to meet you Ying! Very happy for Ganesh and you!
Wishing you a lifetime of love, wisdom, health, happiness and blissfulness with Ganesh! 🙂

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