1st time working with Make Up Entourage! =D

1st time working with Make Up Entourage! =D

1st time working with Make Up Entourage! =D

1st time working with peeps from make up entourage and saw Dollei Seah in real today! She is nice but i paiseh to ask her for a photo

I did hair and make up for bridesmaid Jun!

She is just gorgeous with or without make up!


Gave her waterfall braids for her hair do.


A total of 5 make up artists were in this beautiful house. Dollei was doing the bride and the rest of us were in a beautiful room dolling up some of the bridal party.

When we were all walking out pulling our trolleys i suddenly feel a very cute feeling inside. Coz usually I work alone or just with 1 more. But seeing a few of us pulling trolleys i duno how to explain this feeling. But it is a happy feeling coz recently i just had this thought like not many Singaporeans are make up artists. Its like mostly malaysians I met. But today it just feels cute and happy to feel, see and be in the scene with them. Hope to have more chances to work together! 🙂

Later in the evening, we went to the hotel to doll up the family!

But before I start, some food please. Wanted to eat Qiji at marina square or Macdonalds but i was so bad at directions i couldn’t walk myself to those 2 places and ended up at Carls Junior as I was running out of time to find them too.


Had chilli beef fries and tender chickies to fill my hungry tummy then back to work!

I did Aunty Eileen! She is a cute lady! Very thankful for them for allowing me to post their before after photos for my portfolio ^U^


Looking happier after make up already heh heh

Side bun was agreed and she wanted it abit messy not too neat with some hair covering her face so this was what came out!


They were saying that the hair details at the back was very interesting and by their expressions I hope it meant they liked it heh


We were offered this pure avocado juice to drink. It was given to the family by 1 of the uncles that just came back from overseas. This. Is. Pure. Goodness man! My 1st time drinking pure avocado like that! Niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee