15 October 2016 HOT DATE

15 October 2016 HOT DATE

15 October 2016 HOT DATE

A really hot date today, very thankful that i got to make up for a bride, 3 mothers and did a trial for a bride to be today.

For the bride today she is a very special case to me so a post will be specially dedicated for her photos 🙂

On a wedding day, not only brides are important. The moms too!

1st mom of the day Margaret.

We had a good chat and after her asking my name I asked her back. She replied Margaret like reaaaallllyyyy softly then said aiya you call me aunty can already la haha


Below left is her before. She was feeling cold thus the opposited clothe on her heh

She has really short hair and wanted a bun. Very coincidentally, I was also planning to give her a bun!

2nd mom of the day



Before / After

This mom is really easy to draw. Must had been a real beauty when she was younger. I planned to give her a textured high hairstyle. And very coincidentally she told me her daughter gave her some gel to put on her hair in the morning to make it look more volumnized. I said with this hairstyle your daughter cannot say your hair no volume liao heh

3rd mom of the day



Rushing off to have my quick dinner at shiok Long John’s and then for the trial make up for Lisa for her wedding in November!

No images of her yet coz I would rather post after the wedding is done but an image of her with make up done can be seen on the featured image heh